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Quick and easy way to boost your home’s Wi-Fi signal

Presented by eero

Presented by eero

Fix all your Wi-Fi issues with eero at and use promo code "Kim" at checkout for free overnight shipping.

So you’ve made it through a long day at work, your feet are tired and all you want to do is crawl into bed to watch the latest episode of “The Mandalorian.” You pop some corn, grab the tablet and fire up Disney+.

There’s just one problem: The Wi-Fi keeps cutting out and it ruins the streaming experience.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Plenty of people have the same Wi-Fi problems in their homes and it’s frustrating for everyone. The problem is typically because routers and modems are designed to only cover so much ground.

Then there are things throughout your home that can block your Wi-Fi signal. Household electronics, walls, windows and ceramic tiles are just a few things that can obstruct the signal.

The good news is you can implement next-generation mesh network technology to eliminate the annoying lack of Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. We recommend our sponsor, eero. Get free overnight shipping by visiting and use promo code Kim at checkout.

Get fast, reliable Wi-Fi anywhere in your home

With advanced, iterative technology at its core, eero is the smartest Wi-Fi around — and it’s getting better every day. It doesn’t just extend your Wi-Fi signal, it turns houses into smart homes with its mesh network system.

You’re probably asking what exactly is a mesh network?

Mesh networks enable multiple routers to work in unison to deliver hyper-fast, super-stable Wi-Fi. Each device in a mesh network connects to the other devices, rather than each device connecting to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Unlike a typical home network that is built around a centralized hub, a mesh network consists of multiple routers communicating with each other.

eero’s design sets it apart from a typical Wi-Fi extender

TrueMesh software is built from the ground up to work seamlessly with eero hardware. Developed using machine learning and data collected from hundreds of thousands of real homes, TrueMesh’s dynamic routing algorithms ensure there isn’t a home layout or connected device eero can’t handle.

With TrueMesh, Wi-Fi hops between eero devices to travel down hallways or go around walls. Most other Wi-Fi systems only allow for one hop in any direction — so something as simple as a wall can mean your devices can’t get the Wi-Fi they need.

An eero system allows for more hops with less degradation — so you can cover any home and navigate around any obstacle without worry of Wi-Fi congestion.

TrueMesh technology knows the signal strength between each eero device in your home and calculates the best path from your device to the internet. If there’s a disruption on any part of your network, or if a pet knocks a Beacon out of the wall, TrueMesh dynamically reroutes traffic to keep it balanced.

This process happens behind the scenes so you don’t notice a thing. If you’re worried about setting the system up, don’t. It’s extremely simple.

Setting up your eero system

When you order an eero system, you receive your new eero(s) and/or eero Beacon(s), power adapter(s), a Cat6 Ethernet cable and instructions on how to download the eero app. The app will give you step-by-step instructions for setting up your eero mesh network.

Whether you are comfortable with technology or not, you can set up amazingly fast Wi-Fi with eero in less than 10 minutes. Begin by plugging an eero or eero Pro directly into your modem.

The rest of the process is super simple. The eero app walks you through placing additional eero devices in your living room, bedrooms, kitchen or hallways to bring Wi-Fi to every inch of your home. You can even place one in your garage if you like to work on projects and need Wi-Fi there.

Once installed, eero TrueMesh software begins learning from and optimizing your space, devices and network usage. So every device gets a reliable connection all the time, everywhere in your home.

Get free overnight shipping by visiting and use promo code Kim at checkout.

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