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5 tips for taking better photos with any camera

In 2020, people will snap an estimated 1.4 trillion photos. Scroll through your phone’s camera roll or grab your digital camera to see just how many you take.

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As you’re looking through your pictures, you’ll probably realize taking the same old shots can get stale. We have five tips to help you one-up your photography game, whether you’re shooting from your smartphone or a fancy DSLR camera.

1. Fill your frame

Too often, people try to put too much content into their pictures and the eye isn’t sure where to go. For more interesting, focused photos, tightly crop your shots and fill the frame. Edit your photographs to get rid of extraneous, distracting stuff and to keep the focus on your subject. Remember, less is more.

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2. Find a unique perspective

How often do you find yourself gravitating to the same pretty scene as everyone else holding a camera? Much of the time, though, you’ll find better shots off the beaten path.

This may not always be possible and, you can always make adjustments from the obvious locations. Bracket your photos by taking multiple shots and varying your camera settings. Experiment with under-exposures and over-exposures. These minor adjustments can add interest to run-of-the-mill photographs. Change the perspective by getting high or low in the sightline, too.

3. Use people to show scale in your photographs

How many photos of the sunset do you have on your phone? We’re willing to bet most don’t include people. Placing people into your photos adds perspective and can take your shot from “blah” to interesting. Also, experiment with different angles and perspectives.

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Not everyone chooses to put people in, say, a landscape photograph. But, at the very least, people can be used to show scale in the landscape. Personally, I prefer to make people distant, unrecognizable figures in a picture. By doing this, I feel less intrusive as a photographer and respect the privacy of all involved.

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4. Never leave a shooting location until you are satisfied with the results

There’s nothing worse than looking back through your photos from an important event or special location and realizing you missed the shot you were looking for. Don’t leave wondering “What if I had done this?”

Take enough shots at any given location to make sure you leave with at least a handful of photos you’ll love looking back on or sharing.

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5. Talk to fellow photographers

What better source of tips and techniques than the wealth of knowledge from photographers operating in the real world? Don’t be afraid to strike up conversations with fellow hobbyists and glean the useful tidbits that will add to your craft.

While it’s not polite to interrupt a professional photographer mid-shoot with a question about mentoring, it is helpful to connect with photography enthusiasts you know or reach out to someone whose work you admire. A friendly message on social media or an email might net you a new source of knowledge and information.

There have it. How do you keep your photos fresh? Let us know on social media @KimKomando!

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