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5 affordable projects that will add major value to your home

Presented by Angi - Your home for everything home

Presented by Angi - Your home for everything home

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If you own your own home or have looked to buy this year, you know how hot the housing market is. It’s all bidding wars and high prices.

Sure, major home renovations can more than pay for themselves. Our sponsor, Angi, writes that a midrange kitchen renovation will set you back $25,000 to $40,000 — but it’ll boost your home’s value 57.4%. But what if you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend?

There’s still a lot you can do. These affordable upgrades can net you a better price once you put your home on the market. Here are five ways to increase your home’s value and earn as much money as possible when you sell.

1. A new coat of paint

A bright new paint job can breathe new life into your home. This holds true for the interior and exterior.

Inside, painting your walls white can make the room seem bigger. When potential buyers tour your home, they could more easily imagine making the space their own. If you have, say, red walls, that’s pretty distinctive. It might not impress potential buyers who wouldn’t want something so specific in their home.

Outside, chipped or peeling paint sets a bad first impression. If the exterior is a mess, a potential buyer will look at everything much more critically.

This is why 63% of realtors recommend repainting your home’s interior, the National Association of Realtor’s 2021 Profile of Home Staging says. And you don’t have to break the bank to do it.

2. Spruce up the rooms that matter most to buyers

Imagine yourself walking into an open house. What rooms are you immediately drawn to? For many of us, it’s the kitchen and the bathrooms. These can be major dealbreakers — or the reason you’re drawn to a home.

A major, or even midrange, renovation can add a lot of value to your home, but that requires thousands and thousands of dollars. Smaller projects can make a big impact, too.

Start with cutting out the clutter. A clean space shows so much better than one packed with junk. No one likes to imagine they, too, will have a messy space if they buy your home.

If your spaces are dingy, invest in the services of a cleaning professional for a few hours. These pros know tricks of the trade to make your most-used rooms look less lived in. Add a plant for some green, make sure your lighting is on point and you’re already closer to impressing potential buyers.

3. Get smart

Buyers expect more than ever, even in this market, and a smart home is a potential advantage over the other listings nearby. These upgrades can be affordable, too, if you know where to get the most bang for your buck.

A smart thermostat, for example, won’t set you back more than a couple of hundred bucks. But seeing that smart unit on the wall might leave buyers with a good enough impression that it more than pays for itself.

We put together five tech upgrades worth it if you’re upgrading. Tap or click here to browse the list.

4. Don’t forget the front yard

Of course, you can have the most stunning interior in the world — but that won’t mean a thing if the outside of your home is unappealing. That’s why curb appeal is critical.

This term refers to your property’s attractiveness from the sidewalk. If a prospective buyer drives up to your home, they’re analyzing curb appeal. Even if they don’t know enough about real estate to understand the term, they’ll subconsciously look over your home and decide whether or not they want to step in.

A ton of factors contribute to good curb appeal. Start simple. Is your yard full of weeds? Are your trees and hedges overgrown? Hire a landscape pro to clean things up and even a couple hundred bucks could totally change your home’s first impression.

5. Add another living space

We know, that sounds expensive — but it doesn’t have to be. During the pandemic, people spent more time at home than ever before. More options when it comes to rooms or areas to hang out in are mighty appealing for most buyers.

Now, we’re not talking about a full basement redo, though of course, that could raise the value of your home immensely. Even finishing some walls and adding new paint could make a world of difference.

Consider your outdoor spaces, too. With the right staging, your tired patio could look like an outdoor oasis. Comfortable seating, plants and a clean canvas are your friends. Consider power washing the concrete and exterior of your home as a solid place to start.

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