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Hiring? 3 ways to find the most talented employees

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Presented by LinkedIn

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The truth is great companies are built by great people — and that doesn’t just include the CEO and upper management. You need talent from top to bottom if you’re going to have a successful organization.

If you own a business, you already know how hard it can be to find great employees. But did you know it doesn’t have to be so difficult?

Use LinkedIn to help fill open positions with your company and find talented workers with ease. Here are a few ways every business owner can attract the talent they need.

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1. Talent Insights

Before making important decisions about your company’s future, you need to answer a few tough questions. Where are your competitors recruiting from? What skills will your company need in the future? And where should you open your next office?

LinkedIn Talent Solutions will help you find the right employees by giving you the pertinent information needed for success. Here are some things you can count on:

Make better talent decisions

  • Instantly see trends and movement across the talent marketplace with access to real-time supply-and-demand data.
  • Inform and support your strategies to acquire, develop, and retain talent with intuitive data insights.

Gain a competitive advantage in the market

  • Build deeper knowledge of priority markets, talent pools and companies.
  • See who you’re gaining talent from and losing talent to.
  • Understand how your workforce compares to competitors.

Bring insights to the table

  • Advice on key business decisions with talent data from the world’s largest professional network.
  • Export and share talent pool and company reports with your teams.

Let LinkedIn help elevate your talent strategy with Talent Insights. Watch the following quick video for a brief overview.

2. Connecting with talent


Creating job postings that reach the right people can be difficult. LinkedIn has tools to help you get the most out of your job listings and connect you with the best potential employees.

LinkedIn’s Recruiter tool finds, connects with and manages talent. Jobs Slots allows you to rotate an unlimited number of job posts during a 12-month period. They integrate together to deliver smart results.

Job Slots features:


  • Placement at top of LinkedIn job search results
  • Placement in personalized job-seeker emails
  • Instant alerts sent to relevant job seekers
  • Work With Us Ads
  • Recruitment Ads


  • Recommended candidates based on job post criteria and Recruiter activity
  • Dedicated messaging platform for quickly reaching out to candidates
  • Bulk rejection messaging


  • Advanced applicant management tool
  • Job analytics, Job conversion pixel, source code tracking
  • Team collaborations with multiple seats
  • Full integration with Recruiter and all other LTS products
  • Dedicated Customer Solutions Manager and Relationship Manager
  • Job Wrapping Plus (with custom targeting) and Job Wrapping Auto
  • Screening questions

Recruiter features:


  • Advanced search filters and saved searches
  • Job posts for remote workers
  • Recommended candidate matches
  • Match with open candidates
  • Past applicants view
  • Prioritize candidates more likely to respond


  • 150 InMail messages a month


  • Shared candidate notes
  • Powerful reporting and analytic tools
  • Integration with your ATS

Find more details about Recruiter and Job Slots, and how to enhance them, with other products by tapping or clicking here.

3. Building your company’s brand

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Did you know candidates are nearly twice as likely to apply for a job if they know the company that’s hiring? It’s true. That’s why it’s so important to build your company’s brand and make it familiar to the workforce.

LinkedIn Career Pages is a powerful employer branding tool that raises awareness, drives interest in your company and builds a pipeline of candidates for your open roles.

By sharing your story, you give candidates a snapshot of your culture with videos and photos, employee-created content, testimonials and tailored messaging. This gives your business a personal touch that makes it more appealing to potential hires.

You’ll also reach the right candidates by creating content and job recommendations for targeted audiences. LinkedIn will surface the most relevant opportunities based on a candidate’s qualifications.

Expanding your company’s reach has never been easier. Ads can be targeted to qualified candidates who then visit your Career Pages to learn more about your culture and jobs. In fact, 73% of companies see a lift in Career Pages views when running Traffic Driver Ads. Explore LinkedIn’s Career Pages by tapping or clicking here.

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