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Scary virus steals your bank information

Just a few months ago, I warned you that macro viruses were making a comeback. Well, now there's a new one out that you'll really...
Happening Now November 6, 2014

Dating site promises 100% anonymity, shares hundreds of thousands of profiles

Online dating is nothing new. In fact, it's more popular than ever. OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, Tinder and MatureSinglesUSA are just a few players in...
Happening Now November 6, 2014

Government demands for your Facebook data are on the rise

Government requests for Facebook user data are up 24%.
Happening Now November 5, 2014

The surprising reason why hacks are so rampant

It's just a fact of life that technology constantly gets better and faster and cheaper and cheaper. But this ever-faster, ever-cheaper technology also has...
Happening Now November 5, 2014

The clever trick hackers use to manipulate your phone carrier

While I will always tell you to opt in to two-factor authentication for securing your gadgets and apps, there's a major vulnerability in all...
Happening Now November 5, 2014

New Visa card's million-dollar flaw

Contactless payment cards are Visa's answer to Apple Pay, but a new security flaw could leave them wide open to attacks. A British research...
Happening Now November 4, 2014

Speed-camera hack could rip off drivers

I think everyone - yes, even me - has been guilty at one time or another of going a little over the speed limit....
Happening Now November 4, 2014

Alert: Mac owners beware of serious security flaw

Your Mac might have a serious security flaw. Here's what it is and how to stay safe.
Happening Now November 4, 2014

One cruise line is making Internet speeds 10x faster

If you've been on a cruise, then you know what a drag it can be connecting to the Internet when you're out to sea....
Happening Now November 3, 2014

Next big thing hackers are stealing from you now

I'm sure you have loyalty cards for several stores in your wallet or purse. These give you rewards like cheaper purchases, airline miles, points...
Happening Now November 3, 2014

Facebook ran voting experiments on millions of users

Facebook experimented on potential voters in past elections. Find out how it influenced the outcome.
Happening Now November 3, 2014

Benghazi reporter's hacking scandal might have simple explanation

As you know, I always keep mum on political matters. Komando.com isn't right or left - it's all tech, all the time. But when...
Happening Now November 3, 2014

The worst excuse from a peeping Tom ever

It's good to know that when creeps get caught, they rarely have a good excuse. But Zak Hardy, an 18-year-old who was caught filming...
Happening Now October 31, 2014

Hackers can remotely lock this smartphone brand

Your phone locks for your safety. If someone were to steal your locked phone and didn't know the password, then it'd be a useless...
Happening Now October 31, 2014

One new super cable can carry entire Internet

Fiber-optic cable is a critical component of the modern Internet. It allows more data to travel at a single time than conventional copper wiring....
Happening Now October 31, 2014

Flaw hits 12 million websites: Beware where you browse!

Most websites you visit - including mine - are running some kind of content management system. A CMS makes it easy to update content...
Happening Now October 31, 2014

Your last chance to get Windows that you actually like

We're about to enter a no-man's land of Windows computers. Windows 8 isn't a popular upgrade option and the promising Windows 10 won't be...
Happening Now October 30, 2014

Microsoft releases a one-click fix to protect your browser

There's a major Internet bug called Poodle that has security experts, website operators and browser developers scrambling. It's a serious problem in an older...
Happening Now October 29, 2014

Don't download this fake anti-virus app

I've been telling you for years to install and update anti-virus software to keep your gadgets safe. It looks like the Web's shady underbelly...
Happening Now October 29, 2014

Hacking an unhackable computer

Even the most secure network often has weak points a sneaky hacker can use to get access. Click here to learn about five of those weak...
Happening Now October 29, 2014


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