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Private U.S. cybersecurity firm: Chinese military hacking 'undeniable'

A security company claims to have proof that Chinese hackers are targeting U.S. companies.
Happening Now June 10, 2014

Hackers hide funny messages in roadside signs; Homeland Security isn't laughing

When traffic is backed up on the freeway, or you see construction up ahead, your first instinct may be to grumble and put on...
Happening Now June 10, 2014

Find out instantly if you've been infected by the Gameover Zeus malware

Don't let GameOver Zeus be game over for your computer! Protect your banking information right now.
Happening Now June 10, 2014

The surprising way two 14-year-olds cracked an ATM's security

Two Manitoba teens on a lunch break from school just proved that ATM security isn't all it's cracked up to be - and they...
Happening Now June 10, 2014

New ransomware locks your phone's files

You might remember my warnings about the CryptoLocker virus. This dangerous virus encrypts your documents and gives you four days to pay a ransom to...
Happening Now June 9, 2014

iOS 8 will defend your privacy from marketers

Companies aren't just tracking you online; they track your movements in stores, airports and other locations. This is done using the unique Wi-Fi or...
Happening Now June 9, 2014

Hospital workers shame patient on Facebook

It just seems like there's no way to prevent your personal information from getting out, even your medical history. A Cincinnati woman found that out...
Happening Now June 9, 2014

Secret Service software can spot sarcasm on social media

It seems like the government could use all the help it can get these days. But maybe it's reaching a little too far with this next...
Happening Now June 6, 2014

Government agencies have 'secret wires' connected to cell networks

Even though Edward Snowden first made allegations against the U. S. government of spying on American citizens a year ago, his revelations are still...
Happening Now June 6, 2014

Heartbleed II: This security hole has been wide open for 16 years

What made the Heartbleed security bug so dangerous? Heartbleed affected OpenSSL, the most widely-used encryption system on the Web. Because OpenSSL is used in...
Happening Now June 6, 2014

Facebook strikes back at 'always listening' myths

Facebook hears what you're saying, and it says it's not listening! A new Facebook app will use your smartphone's microphone for audio recognition. It will listen...
Happening Now June 6, 2014

Popular website affected by the eBay security hack

The breaches continue to spread. This time, it's the craft-selling site Etsy. The Etsy blog has announced that due to the eBay hack, bad...
Happening Now June 6, 2014

Feds seize public records of police spying

It's infuriating the lengths that the government is going to in order to hide their spying. Now, they're blocking an investigation. The American Civil...
Happening Now June 5, 2014

The next Heartbleed is here - Linux users beware!

Heartbleed was the worst security bug in the history of the World Wide Web. Even two months later, hundreds of thousands of sites could...
Happening Now June 4, 2014

The NSA can bug your phone even when it's off

In his interview with Brian Williams last week, Edward Snowden made some claims about the NSA that seem pretty incredible. I mean, can the...
Happening Now June 4, 2014

Google is making Chrome more secure than ever

It's always a gamble when you send information over the Internet. It could get stolen, or the NSA could be watching! There are tools...
Happening Now June 4, 2014

Facebook hoax targets Oscar Pistorius supporters

Facebook has a big problem: hoaxes. From claiming Facebook is about to ban discussion of religion, to terrible hoaxes about injured children, to dumb...
Happening Now June 4, 2014

Your next home break-in may be digital

With Apple announcing another piece of the puzzle to the Internet of Things, it's time to start asking hard questions. Do we really want...
Happening Now June 3, 2014

Feds warn about two viruses that stole more than $100 million

The U.S. Department of Justice is sounding the alarm on two widespread viruses. The first, CryptoLocker, you've heard me talk about before. Last year,...
Happening Now June 3, 2014

Google will spend $1 billion to blanket the Earth in Wi-Fi

Two-thirds of the world has no Internet access at all, and Google is looking to change that. The search giant will be spending more...
Happening Now June 2, 2014