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If you use Chrome, check out these changes

Do you use Google's Chrome browser? Well, you definitely are not alone. The browser's global market share just keeps on growing and it's not even close....
Happening Now April 24, 2018

Google Maps is working on a BIG new feature that means you'll never get lost again

Do you remember how chaotic it could be driving around unfamiliar cities before Google Maps came into your life? I sure do! My first...
Happening Now April 22, 2018

Google pulls fake ad blockers: Were you one of the 20 million fooled?

Millions of people added one of five Chrome extensions that promised to block ads. But instead those extension were malware, disguised as ad blockers....
Happening Now April 20, 2018

Your emails may soon self-destruct

Do you have Gmail as your primary email address? There's a good chance that you do. That's because there are more than 1 billion...
Happening Now April 15, 2018

Google is overhauling Gmail like you won’t believe

It did not take long for Gmail to become the most popular free email service provider. Since being launched in 2004 it has amassed...
Happening Now April 11, 2018

Google bans cryptomining extensions

Cryptojacking is a growing problem and it's starting to become one of the biggest digital threats out there. With the current cryptocurrencies boom, this...
Happening Now April 3, 2018

Google knows you better than you know yourself

Maybe it's not fair that Facebook is receiving all this criticism for what it knows about us and how it uses that information. Not...
Happening Now April 1, 2018

Police asked Google to turn over user data near crime scene

Unless we committed the crime ourselves, it's probably fair to say that when one occurs, we hope the police are able to get to...
Happening Now March 24, 2018

Alert! Watch out for this fake Amazon ad on Google

Even though Google has branched out into many directions, it began as a search engine that helped us find whatever we needed on the...
Happening Now March 20, 2018

Chrome support scam could seriously cost you big time

We all understand that ads are necessary. They help pay the bills and keep us from having to pay for access to certain websites....
Happening Now February 8, 2018

Bug in popular Chrome extension exposes private information

More than 22 million people use it to make sure their documents, posts and data are grammatically correct. But a newly discovered bug could...
Happening Now February 5, 2018

Google search helps reverse conviction 40 years later

Doing a Google search is a great way to find pretty much anything in the world that you're looking for. Where is the nearest...
Happening Now January 27, 2018

What did you search for in 2017?

Think how often you've gone to Google and searched for something. Do you remember some of them? Whether it’s a general question or more...
Happening Now December 31, 2017

Is Google really preventing you from getting the best travel deals?

When you're searching for the best travel deals you're likely to go to Google first. But recent allegations put Google under fire for preventing...
Happening Now December 30, 2017

It's insane how much money big companies make per second

Could you imagine making a dollar per second? That would be $60 per minute or $86,000 every day. It would be nice! But guess...
Happening Now December 24, 2017

New malware can ruin your phone

New malware is going around infecting phones and destroying them. It’s not your typical type, as this one has many uses. But if you...
Happening Now December 22, 2017

Great free app from Google you'll want to download now

Our smartphones hold everything in our lives it seems. From pictures, music, to your daily planner, and financial transactions. All of this data takes...
Happening Now December 12, 2017

If your kid's on YouTube you need to know what the site is doing about its pedophile problem

In our social media world, anyone can post pretty much anything online, good or bad. Earlier this year, Facebook hired 3,000 people to monitor...
Happening Now December 6, 2017

What are the top "Why Do" Google searches per state?

Google Search has plenty of impressive tricks and one them is auto-predicting your search keywords. Just start typing and it starts suggesting things that...
Happening Now December 3, 2017

Google incognito mode isn't so incognito!

We used to worry about our boss or others in a public setting being able to snoop on our browsing history. But then Google...
Happening Now November 22, 2017
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