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Facebook study your boss will hate

Banned from using Facebook at work? Share this article with your boss. New research says it might actually be good for you. I have...
Happening Now June 8, 2016

Facebook is giving users yet another way to spam their friends - but this time it's more 'discreet'

Facebook's about to give you a new way to share posts with a select group of friends and family. The only problem? The megaphone...
Happening Now June 8, 2016

You go girl! Defiant little princess goes viral

Girl power. You'll love how one little girl defied her school with her totally cute costume.
Happening Now June 7, 2016

Top Story: Facebook 'scary' new tracking that you have to opt-out of

I work hard to make sure you know exactly what’s going on. You know that Facebook is gathering all sorts of info about you....
Happening Now June 6, 2016

Facebook's killing off the most-annoying posts

There's nothing worse on Facebook than sifting through loads of comments to your posts, especially when they're from people you don't know or the...
Happening Now June 4, 2016

Facebook "Likes" better than chocolate - We've got the brain scans

Finally! Science reveals why we love our Facebook "Likes" so much.
Happening Now June 4, 2016

Take an intimate tour of a disturbing place - The Dark Web - Episode 1

Part 1 of our compelling 2-part series. Few people know there's a secret, dark side to the Internet where crime rings rule. We'll give...
Happening Now June 3, 2016

New Facebook scam robbed $10,000 from woman

Facebook dupes woman out of $10,000. Find out how she fell for it and the warning signs to look for when someone is trying...
Happening Now June 1, 2016

Apple forcing you to pay more for your iPhone

The upcoming iPhone 7 will have less storage errors, but a higher price tag. Keep reading to see how much it will set you...
Happening Now May 31, 2016

65 million social media accounts for sale on the Dark Web

Is your account on the hacker’s list? Some 65 million accounts were stolen from a popular social media site. Warn your family and friends...
Happening Now May 31, 2016
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