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Don’t buy any Amazon tech until Sept. 25

Don’t buy any Amazon tech until Sept. 25
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If you're planning on buying a tech product from Amazon soon, stop. If you wait until Sept. 25, you'll have a host of new goodies to choose from.

Why is Sept. 25 so significant? That's the date Amazon will hold its devices and services event at its Seattle headquarters and show off its latest products.

Unlike Apple, which drops plenty of hints about what to expect at its events, Amazon keeps a radio silence until showtime. We have a few ideas of what they might unveil this year, as well as a look back at the surprising products Amazon has revealed in the past.

From Berlin to the U.S.?

Earlier this month at IFA 2019 in Berlin, the largest consumer electronics show in Europe, Amazon unveiled a number of products. Unfortunately, almost all of them are not going to be sold in the U.S.

However, Amazon did debut three products at IFA that are making their way stateside. These products could make another bow at Amazon's Sept. 25 event.

Fire TV Edition soundbar

This is Amazon's first soundbar with built-in Fire TV. All you have to do is connect it to a TV and you can start streaming Fire TV apps.

It's more expensive than Roku's new soundbar, but you can use it with Amazon's multiroom system and it can handle Dolby Vision HDR. Of course, it's Alexa-enabled but it's very limited. To give voice commands you have to speak into the voice remote.

Next-generation Fire TV Cube

This is an update to the original Fire TV Cube that combines an Amazon Echo Dot, a Fire TV Stick 4K and a universal remote. Amazon says the next-gen's processing speed is twice as powerful as the one found in the original.

With faster processing speed, your Alexa-enabled commands kick in faster. The next-generation device also has Dolby Vision and HDR10+ compatibility.

Toshiba 65-inch Fire TV Edition television

Right now, you can get Toshiba's Dolby Vision HDR-capable Fire TVs in 55-inch, 50-inch and 43-inch versions. Soon, you'll be able to go even bigger at 65-inches. Currently, the Toshiba's main rival is TCL's Roku TV.

Looking for surprises

Amazon is really going all-in with Alexa-enabled devices, mostly updates on Echos and Dots, as well as Fire TV devices. That was the main story out of last year's Amazon event.

But the retail giant also likes to throw a few curveballs. For example, last year the company introduced an Alexa-enabled microwave. oven.

Called the AmazonBasics Microwave it doesn't have a built-in speaker but, it can be voice-controlled through a nearby Echo device. Now, instead of setting up timers, you can simply tell Alexa to "reheat a cup of soup."

Another new gadget announced was the Echo Wall Clock. The analog wall clock doesn't actually have Alexa built into it, instead, it works with your other Echo devices to show your Alexa timers via LED lights around its rim. The clock also sets its own time and it automatically adjusts itself to Daylight Savings Time.

What goodies will this year's event bring? That's why we're telling you to keep your money in your wallet for now because Amazon may introduce a product that will make a great holiday gift.

Humans are listening to what you tell Alexa -- and now you can tell them to stop

Amazon took a notable amount of heat when its data collection practices were finally revealed to the public. For folks who were excited to have a futuristic voice assistant in their homes, the news that Amazon was listening to and transcribing peoples' conversations must have come as a shock.

Click or tap here to learn more about how you can make Alexa stop listening to you.

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