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Apple Watch owners need this fix now

Apple Watch owners need this fix now
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The build quality of Apple devices is legendary throughout the tech industry, but no company is immune to hiccups here and there. And in Apple's case, the company has been pretty good about taking care of customers with defective devices.

Sometimes, they'll even offer repair programs well beyond a device's warranty. This is especially true in situations where safety is an issue. And in a surprising turn, Apple is extending more repair options to a new subset of customers: Apple Watch owners.

The defect they're addressing has been plaguing some Apple Watch users for years. Find out what Apple is repairing on certain models of the Apple Watch, and how you can qualify to get yours serviced free of charge.

Apple extends repairs for select Apple Watch models with cracked displays

According to a new alert posted to Apple's website, a screen replacement program has been opened for a number of Apple Watch models with cracked screens. Users had been reporting that select Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 models had been cracking on their own without being dropped or struck, eventually spreading across the entire display if left unaddressed.

The issue is apparently a known defect, which is why Apple is enabling a pilot program to take care of customers who may be affected.

Previously, Apple had charged users for repairs considered to be "accidental damage," and had made some exceptions regarding Apple Watches in the past. Now, it seems that they're extending the offer to any and all Apple Watch models within the affected range.

Am I eligible for this repair program? How can I get my watch fixed?

Apple Watch owners can check Apple's alert for more details on whether or not their model is covered. Again, because this is a special repair program, AppleCare coverage status isn't taken into account. If you qualify, your repair is free — pure and simple. There are a few things, however, to keep in mind when getting your watch serviced.

First, you'll need to make sure you're in contact with an Apple Retail Store or Authorized Service Provider. Thankfully, Apple has granted more autonomy to independent repair shops and has empowered them to start accepting repairs. If you don't have either near you, you can mail your watch to Apple for service. According to the alert, turnaround time is typically 5 business days.

For more information on getting your Apple products serviced by a technician, you can click or tap here to check out our handy guide to Apple repairs.

Shattered glass is no laughing matter, so getting your watch repaired should be of the utmost priority. Just make sure to back up your Apple Watch before sending it in so you don't lose any of your favorite custom watch faces.

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