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Update: Galaxy Fold may finally be released soon

Update: Galaxy Fold may finally be released soon

After years of waiting and wonder, Samsung finally revealed the Galaxy Fold smartphone during its annual Unpacked event on February 20. Although it wasn't the first foldable phone to hit the market, it certainly grabbed the most attention.

Touting it as a phone that seamlessly morphs into a tablet, it's Samsung's big bet on bringing innovation and all-new features back to a smartphone market that's been in decline for some time. Of course, innovation doesn't come cheap, so it also had to justify the Galaxy Fold's $2,000 price tag.

A release date of April 26 was announced during the February unveiling, but it didn't exactly work out that way. After multiple reports of screens breaking among reviewers with early access, Samsung delayed the launch. Find the latest updates regarding the Samsung Galaxy Fold below.

The latest updates on the Samsung Galaxy Fold

June 18: Galaxy Fold may be released in August

Comments by a Samsung official are fueling speculation that its troubled Galaxy Fold will be released in August, possibly in conjunction with the company's Galaxy Note 10.

Speaking to the "Korea Herald," the Samsung official seemed to be quashing rumors that the Fold would be released in July.

"If we are running such a media event this month, we should be doing something by now," said the Samsung official. "Nothing has progressed since the April delay."

Since canceling the Fold's April launch, Samsung has repeatedly stated that it would be announcing a new release date in "the coming weeks."


June 13: AT&T cancels all Galaxy Fold pre-orders

There's more bad news for Samsung and its Galaxy Fold. AT&T announced it has canceled all pre-orders for the Fold.

In addition, the company will offer $100 to customers who pre-ordered the troubled gadget.

AT&T joins Best Buy in canceling all pre-orders. On May 31, Samsung automatically canceled all pre-orders. Under U.S. Federal Trade Commission regulations, Samsung was required to cancel the pre-orders if it did not deliver the product by May 31.

AT&T said it will begin selling the Galaxy S10 5G on June 17, but only to corporate users on the company's Business Unlimited Preferred plan. The phone retails for $1,000.


June 12: Report says Samsung plans to release Galaxy Fold "soon"

Consumers continue to wait for Samsung to announce a new release date for its troubled Galaxy Fold.

A spokesperson for Samsung told CNET, "We will announce timing in the coming weeks."

Once again, Samsung did not announce a specific launch date or whether any changes are being made to the Galaxy Fold. The Fold likely will be released sometime this summer.


May 24: Best Buy cancels all pre-orders

A new development in the Galaxy Fold saga doesn't seem to bode well for any future release date. In an unexpected move, tech mega-retailer Best Buy announced it was canceling all existing Galaxy Fold pre-orders and issuing refunds for those who bought in.

In addition to the cancellation, shoppers who pre-ordered the ill-fated phone will receive a $100 savings code for any future purchase they make with Best Buy. This drastic action from Best Buy comes after Samsung failed to provide a new launch date after postponing it back in April.

If you pre-ordered a Galaxy Fold from a retailer that isn't Best Buy, we'd recommend contacting them and verifying if they intend to honor your reservation. Judging by this recent development, however, it'd be safe to assume the device won't be arriving on American shores any time soon.


May 10: Samsung says it's identified the problem, but still no release date

Samsung has finally broken its silence surrounding the unfortunate launch of the Galaxy Fold -- but it hasn't specified a solid release date yet. The phone's existing stock was recalled from retailer warehouses after numerous journalists identified flaws in the device's screens.

At the time, there wasn't a clear consensus on what was causing the issues, however, Samsung claims to have found out why so many devices would suddenly stop working on the job.

According to Samsung, the issue originates with a flaw in the design of the phone's hinge. The hinge is arguably the most critical part of the phone -- responsible for the entire device's form factor and function.

Due to a gap that would briefly appear between enclosure and screen when the hinge would operate, debris was able to make its way into the sensitive parts of the display and prevent it from working.

As of now, in addition to formally acknowledging the issue, Samsung is reviewing the screen covers that several reviewers had accidentally removed during pre-launch reporting. According to the company, educational material will be included with the phone that emphasizes the user avoid removing the screen cover.

It also claims that it's working to engineer the cover to be stronger and sturdier than before. Click or tap here for more detail about Samsung's recall and inspection process.


April 22: Samsung postpones Galaxy Fold launch

After months of anticipation and speculation, Samsung has abruptly announced a delay for the upcoming Galaxy Fold's launch. The device, with its revolutionary foldable screen and 2-in-1 form factor, was originally scheduled to be released on April 26th, 2019. Currently, no new official release date has been set by Samsung.

When journalists received the Galaxy Fold, many were quick to note that the device seemed too fragile for daily use. Intermittent flickering and non-functional displays were a common complaint -- with several reports suggesting the displays would stop working altogether over time.

Others noted the phone's care instructions were too vague to prevent user error -- specifically regarding the protective screen included with the phone. Some journalists assumed the screen was a plastic film like the ones shipped with iPhones, but in this case, it was essential for the screen to function.

Needless to say, the reports were enough to prompt Samsung to recall all of its global shipments for inspection. According to the company, it anticipates releasing it once it's sure the device lives up to quality standards. Tap or click here to read on for more information about the Galaxy Fold's release delay.

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