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Google will pay you to use their new phone

Google will pay you to use their new phone

Unless you're one of those people whose iPhone will have to be pried out of their cold, dead hands, Google is making an offer that may be hard to refuse. If you're looking to trade-up from an old iPhone, Google could pay you up to $610 to switch to its new Pixel 3a or Pixel 3a XL.

Both phones were introduced by Google last week, with reviewers admiring the bang for the buck consumers get with a Pixel 3a. The 3a, at $399, is the less expensive version of the Pixel 3a XL at $479.

Depending on which iPhone you trade in, your savings could be considerable. The value depends on which iPhone you have, its condition and mobile provider.

Google's deal for iPhone users

Like the early battles of PCs versus Macs, the line between iPhone and Android users has hardened. So how can Google break the iPhone spell? By paying lots of money to those who make the switch.

Google said it is taking $250 off the price of a 3a or 3a XL if consumers trade in an iPhone SE, 6 or 6S. If they trade in an iPhone XS Max, which retails at more than $1,000, consumers would get as much as $610.

At T-Mobile, you get $400 off the Pixel 3a -- the actual cost of the phone -- if you trade in an iPhone 7, iPhone 7+, iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, Samsung GS9 series, Note 8 and GS8 series.

The offer is open to Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, LG and older models of Pixels.

Your actual savings will depend on how much the mobile carriers value your old iPhone or Android devices.

Is the Pixel 3a worth the change?

If you already own the top-of-the-line models Samsung and iPhone have to offer, the answer is no. But if you are still using an older model of either phone, the trade-in deals could make a lot of sense, especially since reviewers have been lavishing qualified praise on the 3a. The majority of reviewers say you get a good deal on a solid phone.

Compared to the Pixel 3, the 3a's pricier cousin, the 3a has a slower processor, is not waterproof and does not offer a wireless charging feature. But it still offers some of the best cameras on any type of smartphone.


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The 3a offers the same low-light camera capability as the Pixel 3, plus time-lapse video. Be warned though; while the 3a camera is still great, the phone has limited space for high-quality photos.

If your phone runs out of storage space, it will start condensing photos automatically. To get high-quality photos you'll have to buy cloud space on Google.

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