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Secret ways to get Apple Music for FREE

Secret ways to get Apple Music for FREE

You can save money right now and still listen to millions of songs, like you already do when you're working out, waiting to pick up your kids and working at your desk. You might be surprised to know that there are simple ways to stream music for free.

If you're using an Apple iPhone or Android smartphone, or most other digital devices, you can get access to Apple Music's 50 million songs. Here are a few quick ways you can stream on your device or with iTunes for free.


Get free Apple Music with Verizon

You can get Apple Music for free on Verizon with some of its unlimited data plans. It's free with the Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans.




It's free for six months, then about $10 a month after that, with its Go Unlimited plan or its Verizon Plan Unlimited. If you're already paying for Apple Music, you can sign up for Verizon's free offer -- it'll prompt you to cancel your pay subscription.

How to sign up: Go to your My Verizon app and select Add-Ons. You can also sign up on the Verizon website and type Apple Music into its search bar.

Other ways to get Apple Music for free

You can try Apple Music for free if you have an iPhone or iPad. Tap on the Music app, then select Try It Free. You can also try it free for three months when you sign up for Apple Music for the first time.




A friend might be able to hook you up with free Apple Music. If you haven't tried it yet,  you can ask a friend who has Apple Music to invite you. You'll get an additional free month of the service on top of the three-month trial.

Which cellphone provider do you use? If it's not Verizon, call them and ask if they're offering Apple Music for free

How to get a ton of free samples on Amazon

You'll be shocked to know that you can get free face creams on Amazon. You can get free beauty products, dog food and a lot more.

There is one catch, but once you get past it you'll love getting free samples from Amazon. Keep reading to find out how you can sign up.

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