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Win $100,000 if you can give up your phone in 2019

Win $100,000 if you can give up your phone in 2019

Do you remember what life was like before smartphones? Sure, it was a simpler time, but it wasn't the Dark Ages.

Granted, things weren't as convenient. Information about EVERYTHING wasn't at our fingertips. Maps were on paper and you had to figure out where you were all by yourself. Selfies weren't a thing and we also didn't know what our friends were up to, every hour of every day.

But now that they're part of daily life, would you be able to put the smartphone down for a whole year? Of course, there would have to be an incentive. So how does $100,000 sound?

Ditch your smartphone for a chance at a six-figure payday

Vitaminwater wants to see if you can put the smartphone down, and leave it down for 365 days. That's why they created their "scroll-free life solutions" contest.

And yes, it really does mean no smartphone for an entire year. You can't use it to call or text, no web surfing and no endless scrolling through Instagram and Facebook.

There aren't any loopholes, either, so don't go thinking you can just "borrow" someone's else's smartphone to get your fix. Because if you're selected, there will be a lie detector test at the end.

How you can enter the contest

Think you're up to the challenge and can prove you're not addicted to your phone? All you have to do is post a photo to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #nophoneforayear and describe a year without your smartphone. But it has to be funny, creative, original and have brand relevance in order for a panel of judges to pick you to take part. Hurry though, because you only have until January 8, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. EST to enter.

A winner will be chosen within the following two weeks, and then the fun begins. Check out the official rules here. If you can make it the entire year and successfully pass a lie detector test making sure the rules were followed, then you win $100,000. If you're successful for the first six months then drop out, you'll still get $10,000. Anything less, and you get nothing.

Bonus: Is your smartphone waterproof? It could save your life

Now, this doesn't mean you'll be completely cut off from the world. They're not monsters at Vitaminwater, after all. They'll give you a phone to use, and it's a classic. If selected, you'll get a Nokia 3310, which was apparently the most popular phone in 2000 when the company began.

Maybe you can just play Snake to pass the time.

5 great uses for your old smartphone

Do you keep your old smartphones once you upgrade to a newer model? Maybe you keep them all in a drawer somewhere in your home. But they don't have to sit there collecting dust.

Click or tap here for suggestions on getting a lot more value from those old smartphones

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