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Komando Ambassador Program can help you get a brand new laptop!

Komando Ambassador Program can help you get a brand new laptop!

It's time to get with the program! The Komando Ambassador Program rewards you, our loyal readers, with cool prizes when you get friends and family to sign up for Kim's free newsletters.

There are so many prizes to win. David from Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, won a Komando waterproof pouch for referring his friends.

Komando Ambassador Program

First, more about Kim Komando and the Komando Ambassador Program. You know Kim is the go-to expert for advice on everything digital. From the best computer to the latest smartphones to how to protect yourself online, Kim's got the answers on her weekly radio show that reaches 6.5 million listeners.

And those answers are here, also, at Komando.com. Search and find everything you need for your digital lifestyle.

And for those of you who get Kim's free email newsletters, we'd like you to tell your friends how great and informative they are. The new Komando Ambassador Program is our way to reward you for sharing our newsletters with your friends. You refer your friends to sign up to receive Kim's free newsletters, and when they subscribe, you get a point. The more points you collect, the cooler the prizes you'll receive.

How to start

If you're not already signed up to receive Kim's newsletters, you need to do so first before you can refer friends. Tap or click here to subscribe, then come back to this page.

If you already are signed up, tap or click here to go to the Komando Ambassador Program page.

Enter your email address in the space above and click "Send me my link." Your link will be waiting for you in your inbox with instructions on what to do.

The link sent to you will bring you back to your dedicated Ambassador page where you can start referring friends. Enter their names and email addresses. You can add more friends by tapping or clicking the blue "+" box. Add as many as 10 each day. Bookmark this page so you can come back to it later.

When you're done, tap or click "Invite."


Double-check the information, then tap or click "Send invitations." It's that simple!


You'll see your referrals and when they enrolled. Remember this about referrals:

  1. Referrals need to be real people to count (we check)
  2. We will fulfill orders once per month so be patient, your prize will come
  3. Your referrals will be tracked; see what you get when you reach your target

Keep your dedicated page link handy and check back later to see how many friends you referred actually have subscribed and see how many points you've earned. Remember, you only earn prizes when they subscribe.


Keep an eye on your referrals page. It'll show you how many subscribers you need until you get your next prize.

The prizes await

What do you get for subscribing your friends? Prizes from the Komando Shop!

For five referrals, you get this handy Komando trio charger.

With 10 referrals, you get this convenient Luxury 360 degree Komando phone holder ring.

For 15 referrals, you get a handy RFID-blocking pouch that can protect your phone, cards, keys and more.

For 25 referrals, you win this #GOKOMANDO T-shirt.

This Komando wireless Bluetooth speaker awaits you for 40 referrals.

Score 60 referrals and you win this Komando Dashcam Pro with night vision.

For 80 referrals, you gan get this 4K Streaming Box from SkyStream, so you can watch thousands of movies and shows free!

At 100 referrals, get this 2-in-1 Productivity Laptop & Tablet by Komando.

Finally, for 130 referrals, you win this Cyber Security Pack, which includes a PIN Secure USB Flash Drive, a Virus Removal Device, a VPN Internet Privacy App, an RFID Blocking Pouch and a Kim Komando Show Webcam Cover.

Don't wait! Sign up for the Komando Ambassador Program and start referring friends and family now. Start winning prizes, too.

Watch this video for more on the Komando Ambassador Program.

Another way to win: Leave me a review and score a great prize!

If you love podcasts, I have a great place where you can get all your favorite podcasts in one place. And the best part is: you win a prize! You can listen to my free podcasts and others I know you'll enjoy. When you're done, leave me an honest review on any of my podcasts on iTunes and be entered to win a prize! Just a couple of minutes of your time can be a huge benefit to you and all of our other subscribers who want to hear informative podcasts they will enjoy. Tap or click here for all the details on how to win prizes.

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