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Komando On Demand Podcast: DNA Detectives

Komando On Demand Podcast: DNA Detectives

From north-central China to southern Brazil, to Slovakia and Denmark to the Czech Republic, a killer is on a rampage, destroying millions of lives in its path. With each new tactic to stop it, the killer adapts and changes. This killer is, quite simply, a relentless beast.

This killer is, of course, cancer. Unexplained cancer outbreaks are happening around the world. But here’s the mystery -- why is the epidemic striking certain parts of the world, while others remain untouched?

In this episode of Komando on Demand, Kim looks at how, with the latest technology, teams of "DNA Detectives" are discovering surprising clues in the fight to cure cancer.

Kim talks to Dr. Cullen Taniguchi of the MD Anderson Cancer Center who shares crucial, new information about the progress of the fight against cancer.

Listen to this free Komando On Demand podcast now and learn more about the DNA Detectives and their ongoing campaign to stop the world’s most perplexing killer.

After you listen to the podcast, jot down your thoughts or observations and post them or send them to me. Tap or click here to email me directly.

I’m looking for true, organized scientific data from your own research, based on the topic of this podcast. Who knows? Maybe we’ll use it in the future.

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