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A message from Kim Komando

A message from Kim Komando

On October 16, 2018, a Kim Komando Show staff writer, Adam Green, plagiarized a
story to the Komando.com website. He titled the plagiarized story, "Who will have better
Black Friday deals, Amazon or Best Buy?"

Within hours, a Forbes contributor, Gordon Kelly, posted a message on Twitter accusing the
Kim Komando website of plagiarism, specifically, plagiarizing his story on this same

BestBlackFriday.com followed up with another Twitter post:

Both WestStar and The Kim Komando Show have maintained strong and forceful anti-
plagiarism policies that warn all our writers and contributors that issues of plagiarism
would result in strong disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

WestStar MultiMedia Entertainment, Inc., launched an immediate internal investigation
and found that a member of the Kim Komando staff had, in fact, violated our antiplagiarism policies and that Mr. Kelly and Forbes.com are the rightful owners of the story.

We have addressed this matter with Mr. Green directly and have ended our relationship with him.

Unfortunately, Mr. Green responded to the Forbes writer in a direct message:

Mr. Green's message is simply false and defamatory. It is not the Komando.com or
WestStar Multimedia Entertainment's policy to take entire or even large portions of the
work of others and provide only a source credit. Not only is Mr. Green’s story blatantly
false, it was a clumsy attempt to place blame for his own lack of work for his employer. WestStar and The Kim Komando Show are pursuing possible legal action against this former employee.

Kim Komando and WestStar Multimedia Entertainment have strong policies against
plagiarism. All staff writers have signed statements acknowledging company policy and
the ramifications of its violation.

In addition, all writers who are writing at the level necessary for publication at Komando.com
will understand what constitutes plagiarism. The story has been removed from the Komando.com website. We are also saddened to note that Mr. Green holds a B.A. in Journalism from a major university. In short, he should have known better.

WestStar MultiMedia Entertainment, Inc., The Komando Show and Ms. Komando
herself, personally apologize to Forbes and Forbes writer Mr. Gordon Kelly for this
appalling incident. We are embarrassed.

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