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Don't fall for this latest viral Facebook scam

Don't fall for this latest viral Facebook scam

How many times can Facebook breach our trust before we finally walk away from the site for good? The social networking giant appears to be Teflon when it comes to the number of mess-ups it can get away with.

You'd think the Cambridge Analytica fiasco would have been enough to make people run away in fear. But it didn't. There are still over 2 billion active monthly users. Wow!

And the hits just keep on coming. A Facebook hoax has gone viral this week and it's tricking tons of people.

Latest Facebook hoax to go viral

If you've spent any time on Facebook this week, you probably saw at least a few friends posting that their account has been hacked. They say something like, "If you received a second friend request from me, don't accept it. I've been hacked."

The problem is, their account hasn't really been hacked. It's a hoax.

Here's what's happening: people are getting messages from friends or family members saying they've received another friend request from them. So their account must have been hacked, right?

The message then says you should forward it to all of your contacts. That's why this is spreading like wildfire.

People are sending it to everyone they know and so on. But here's the thing, it's a hoax. No one actually received another friend request from you.

There are times when this type of thing happens, but this isn't one of them. On occasion, scammers will steal photos and information that are available in public from Facebook accounts and create another one to mimic it.

That's called an account cloning scam and are used to collect information about friends and send more scam messages.

But that's not happening here. It appears some goofball just decided to mess with people to see if they could make this hoax go viral, and they did. Congrats.

There doesn't appear to be anything malicious behind this, other than just being annoying. Like most things on Facebook these days.

What can we do now?

If you're worried about your Facebook account and if it's been hacked, watch the following video. It gives you helpful ideas on how to make sure everything is OK.


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