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Air Force to roll out implanted headset called 'molar mic'

Air Force to roll out implanted headset called 'molar mic'
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The Joker once famously asked, "Where does he get those wonderful toys?" Of course, he was talking about Batman and all of his amazing gadgets in the classic Hollywood superhero movie.

In real life, we normally look to the military for extraordinary new technology. From secretive aircrafts to long-range radar technology, it never seems to disappoint.

Now, a new communications system is being developed that will make your jaw drop. Literally.

Futuristic military technology

Sonitus Technologies was just given a $10-million contract from the U.S. Department of Defense (DOJ) to provide the Air Force with an amazing new communication system. It's nicknamed "Molar Mic."

That's because it fits a miniaturized traditional headset into a device that clips to a soldier's back teeth. Yep, that's right, it clips onto their teeth.

(Image source: Sonitus)

It will provide soldiers with much needed mobility that wasn't possible until now. They will be able to communicate clearly, even in the most extreme conditions.

Each soldier will get a custom-fitted mouthpiece. It connects to a transmitter via near-field magnetic induction. The mouthpiece has a bone conduction speaker, an embedded waterproof microphone, and a wireless rechargeable battery.

In describing the system, Sonitus said, "The mouthpiece clips on using a 'snap fit' that tightly, but comfortably attaches to the upper back molars."

That's how the communication system works. The mouthpiece uses bone conduction to transmit sound to the inner-ear through the bones of the skull or teeth. How cool is that?

The waterproof microphone allows the operator to transmit outgoing communications by speaking normally. When transmitting communications, whisper levels up to loud speaking are well-captured. Loud speaking is not required even in noisy environments, since the mic -- being in the mouth -- is extremely well-shielded from all external noise sources.

The system is now in Phase Two of development and should be ready for military use soon. Talk about wonderful technology!

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