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Next iPhone might be the largest ever

Next iPhone might be the largest ever

Remember how everyone felt when it came out that the iPhone X was going to have a 5.8-inch screen? As great as that was, that meant the phone itself was going to be rather large.

As much as we use our phones for more than just calling and texting, it made sense for the screen size to increase, yet at the same time some felt like it would be too large to fit comfortably in a pocket.

Nevertheless, the iPhone X was a rousing success, so much so that Apple is ready to push things even more. Indeed, the next iPhone -- which is set to be officially announced in early September -- is predicted to be the largest one yet.

Phone size matters

Apple is expected to release a few new iPhones, with the largest boasting a whopping 6.5-inch screen. That dwarfs the iPhone X and even surpasses the Samsung Galaxy Note, which contains a modest 6.4-inch screen.

We will have to wait for Apple to provide its reasons, but you can bet that video is at the forefront of the concept. No one likes watching movies or shows on a small screen, which is why we can probably expect them to keep increasing in size as the years go on.

The not-yet-named phone may be called the "iPhone X Plus," and it is supposed to be one of three different models Apple will unveil. Along with it, there should be an updated version of the iPhone X that features the same screen size but some new features (and potentially a new name) as well as a phone with a 6.1-inch screen that should cost less than its larger relatives.

Like the iPhone X, the 6.5-inch phone is expected to have an OLED screen. The 6.1-inch phone, however, is rumored to contain a less-expensive LCD display. That will allow it to be sold at a lower price point, which many will likely find to be quite attractive.

That may be especially true as both the 6.5-inch iPhone and the updated iPhone X are likely to cost upwards of $1,000.

Also, the home button isn't coming back

The iPhone X did away with the classic home button, and it looks like it was not an outlier. In fact, it appears that was the beginning of a trend, a sign of where Apple was taking its phones.

The home button that we got used to on older iPhones but said goodbye to in the X will not return. Instead, it is believed the new phones will use the Face ID system and therefore not contain a separate button.

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