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How a smartwatch saved a man's life

How a smartwatch saved a man's life

More and more you see people wearing smart watches, with the Apple Watch being among the most popular. It is a great device, and certainly far more than your average watch.

Not only does it tell the time, but it can run many of your favorite apps, handle text messages and even help you with phone calls. It can also track your movements and exercise.

There's another thing it can do, and it is more important than any of that. As one man recently found out, the Apple Watch can also save a life.

Well, it can at least let you know when there's a problem

The story centers around Mike Love, a 24-year-old from Australia. He didn't know there was any issue until his Apple Watch started notifying him of some abnormalities with his heart rate.

Love told 9News that his sleeping heart rate was averaging between 130 and 140 beats per minute. For reference, a healthy resting heart rate is around 60 beats per minute.

Knowing that, Love went to see a doctor where it was confirmed that he had a heart abnormality. Specifically he had a hole in his heart, one that had been there since birth and was dangerous. Not only that, but his upper lung was also pumping into the wrong atrium of his heart.

As Love's cardiothoracic surgeon explained, the blood was needlessly circulating around his lung and did not reach the rest of his body.

Love had the issue corrected, and was back home not long after the operation. Love, who said he is studying robotics in school, added that he does not think he'll go without an Apple Watch ever again.

Apple Watches have come in handy for many people

This is not the first instance of an Apple Watch possibly saving someone's life. Back in May we learned of a Tampa Bay teenager who was alerted to a problem by the watch.

In that case, it was learned that the teen's kidneys were failing due to chronic kidney disease. No one knew she was suffering from it until the watch prompted a visit to a walk-in clinic.

And in another instance, the Apple Watch may have helped solve a murder. Yeah, you read that right.

Tech can do plenty, like help kids with autism

Google is so much more than just a search engine. It's created some very popular products that are used constantly. Google Maps, Chrome browser, Gmail, and Google Drive to name a few. One of its less popular items that didn't do so well is Google Glass. However, it might have finally found its place in the world helping kids with autism. Tap or click here for more

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