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Amazon Prime Day now includes Whole Foods

Amazon Prime Day now includes Whole Foods

We're only a few short days away from Amazon Prime Day. The massive sale is actually a day and a half this year. It begins Monday, July 16 at 3 p.m. Eastern and goes through Tuesday, July 17.

Are you ready to take advantage of all the savings? If not, tap or click here to learn everything you need to know about Prime Day 2018.

Typically on Prime Day we'd be tied to our gadgets, hitting refresh constantly to see what new bargains have popped up. This year we can actually get out of the house and explore some deals. That's because Whole Foods will be getting in on the action.

Whole Foods shoppers rejoice

You might remember that Amazon sent shock waves through the business community last year when it announced its purchase of supermarket chain Whole Foods. The deal was estimated to be worth nearly $13.7 billion, at $42 per share.

Whole Foods CEO said, "This partnership presents an opportunity to maximize value for Whole Foods Market's shareholders, while at the same time extending our mission and bringing the highest quality, experience, convenience and innovation to our customers."

Now, for the first time, Whole Foods customers will be able to take part in Amazon Prime Day. There will be special sales and rewards for Prime Members when they shop at Whole Foods.

One of the amazing deals is if you're an Amazon Prime member and spend at least $10 in one visit at Whole Foods between July 11 and July 17, you will automatically receive a $10 credit to spend On Amazon Prime Day. The $10 will be added to your Amazon account automatically when you scan your Whole Foods or Amazon app when checking out at the Whole Foods' register.

More deals to watch for

Prime Rewards card

If you have a Prime Rewards credit card, you can get 10 percent off your entire Whole Foods bill up to $400. This deal runs from July 14 to July 17 and you need to use the Prime Rewards credit card when making the purchase.

Alexa-enabled devices

For those who don't already have an Alexa-enabled device, now is the time to get one. On Prime Day, Whole Foods shoppers will be able to purchase one at discounted prices right at the store.

Prime Now delivery

Did you know that Amazon will deliver items from Whole Foods right to your home? It's true. Prime members who have never used Prime Now will get $10 off their order when they shop before July 17. They will also receive a $10 credit to use on a future order.

Day-of savings

Whole Foods shoppers will find tons of discounted items at their retail location during the Prime Day sale. Fruits, vegetables, protein bars, and bagged coffee are just some of the grocery items that will have special pricing.

How you can share Amazon Prime with family members

Amazon Prime recently got a much-scrutinized 20-percent price increase that has many people reevaluating their commitment to the online retailer’s subscription service. While Amazon packs a lot of features into that $119 annual fee, you might be looking to get a little more out of it. One way to do that is with Amazon Household.

Tap or click here to learn a way to share Prime benefits with your family.

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