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Netflix is making downloading shows smarter to save your space

Netflix is making downloading shows smarter to save your space
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Netflix is known for its streaming capabilities, which is great because you can take it and watch almost anywhere. But that assumes you have access to wireless internet or have no issues with data.

For many that is not always the case, which is why Netflix in 2016 launched its download feature. At no extra cost, Netflix users could make it so that they are able to watch a movie or TV show at a later time, even without an internet connection.

For anyone who does a lot of traveling it's an especially useful feature, and in the time since it debuted more downloadable content has been added. Now, it is receiving an update that should make it even better.

Downloading just got smarter

In a media release, Netflix said they learned people really do enjoy being able to download their Netflix content, which is why they wanted to improve the feature. That has been done with the addition of "Smart Downloads," which makes life easier for anyone who likes to download TV shows.

With Smart Downloads, whenever you finish watching a downloaded episode it will automatically be deleted, with the next episode in line being brought in to replace it. You do nothing but watch.

Netflix says they created this feature because of how annoying it can be to go through individual apps looking to delete files that are no longer needed. Along with that, they figure you want to get to the next episode as soon as you finish the last one.

By taking some of the legwork out of your hands, Netflix believes the experience will be much, much better.

It is only available for Android phones and tablets right now as long as they are running the most recent version of the Netflix app. It will turn on when you are connected to Wi-Fi so that your data plan will never be used.

While Netflix is confident you will appreciate and utilize their new feature, they want to make sure you know the idea is not to give you less control over your account. Therefore, people can choose whether or not they want to use Smart Downloads.

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