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Sponsored: How the best sheets you'll ever sleep on are made

Boll & Branch
Presented by Boll & Branch - The best selling, supersoft sheets that started it all.
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Sponsored: How the best sheets you'll ever sleep on are made

When you think about technology, you often think about innovation, change and advancement. In the last 10 years, we have seen explosive growth in the tech industry, the emergence of smartphones and social media and the growth of wearables like smartwatches, smart glasses, hats and gloves.

Everyone's talking about 3-D printing and virtual reality. Companies are looking at what they can do differently.

Innovation doesn't end in the technology department. But sometimes company leaders don't have the foresight or courage to take a risk.

I want to introduce you to a family who had an idea, added a little innovation, a lot of hard work, and came away with a reinvention of something you and I use every night! Sheets, blankets and towels!

When was the last time the bedding industry really introduced anything different? If you already know about these sheets, click here to save $50 and get free shipping when you use promo code TALK.

Problem solved, Meet the Tannens

Scott and Missy created Boll & Branch just over three years ago. Why? They had a problem, and they set out to solve it. You see, when Missy and Scott went shopping for bedding, they couldn't get any accurate answers as to how they were actually made. Cotton? OK, but did they contain pesticides? Chemicals? Dyes? Organic cotton? OK, but where was it harvested?

Manufacturers didn't put any specifics on the labels, retailers didn't have the answers, so Missy and Scott couldn't be sure what they were buying. That's how Boll & Branch was born.

The Tannens decided they wanted the highest quality products and customer service, so they chose to sell directly online, remove the middleman and make sure the money went into what customers wanted most, highest-quality bedding that is authentic, pure and chemical-free.

The extra step: tracing the origin of the cotton, so you know exactly where it came from and how it was engineered. High quality comes from high attention to detail and the Tannens did not leave anything out - from thread tension to yarn diameter and the type of dye used.

The difference from seed to sew

Boll and Branch is different from the very start. The Tannens work with farmers and help them to convert to organic cottonseed farming. By cutting out the middlemen on the supply-side, farmers receive money directly.

The Tannens also work with Fair Trade to pay a fair price for cotton. In India, farmers who sell to Boll & Branch can earn up to 300 percent more than others.

Scott and Missy personally work with everyone including the cotton gins, dye house and weavers and they talk to their Kolkata factory workers multiple times a day. Their employees receive family health care and education benefits for their kids. Everyone who has a part in creating Boll & Branch products is part of a team, and everybody wins!

Why organic is best

Buying organic food had become much more popular over the years as we learn more about the pesticides and chemicals used in the growing process. Organic certification ensures there are no harmful chemicals in our food, and guarantees that they are not genetically modified. Well, think about how cotton is grown.

Those same pesticides and chemicals are making their way into your bedding. That's why organic is best and why Boll & Branch takes such a hands-on approach with organic farming.

Listen to the customers

What's the easiest way to know you are getting what you pay for and getting the best? Listen to customers, check out the feedback. Boll & Branch is a hit!

Click here to learn more about Boll & Branch and when you order use promo code: talk for a special offer for Komando readers. $50 off plus FREE shipping and a 30-day risk-free guarantee.

3 reasons why organic bedding is best

There is a better, healthier way to surround your family with warmth and comfort. Try organic cotton bedding from Boll & Branch.

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