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Kim's tech gifts for grandparents

Kim's tech gifts for grandparents

It's the giving season, and you are no doubt on the lookout for some great deals this winter. Don't worry, we have got you covered with some of the best tech deals from Amazon and the Komando Shop.

Today we want to share some of the best tech gifts this season for those who have been there with us from the start. Here's to our grandparents.

Ultimate Digital Photo Frame


With this digital photo frame, you can connect to an online cloud storage where you and your family and friends can upload hundreds of your favorite photos. Upload photos to the cloud anywhere in the world and have them immediately displayed at your bedside.

Pick up this great gift today for $79.00!

Use top of the line Alexa technology to live chat your family and friends

With the Echo Dot, it is easy to have live video calls with friends and family, listen to your favorite music, set reminders, make lists, check the weather, and so much more. This device can revolutionize your entire life by bringing you access to the smart home features of the future. Compatible with almost every smart home service, this small bedside assistant will be your new favorite toy.

Bring Alexa into your life for just $129.99.

Buy from Amazon

Ultimate automatic robot vacuum

The iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum is the best new smart home vacuum on the market. This robot vacuum works with your Amazon Alexa, so if you picked up the Echo above, you can just talk to your device and tell it which room needs to be vacuumed. When it is done cleaning, it will return to its dock to clean.

Bring some more convenience to your life for $374.99.

Buy from Amazon

Make sure your home is safely locked up at night without even leaving bed

Even while laying in bed at night you can't help but wonder if you locked the door to your house. Finally, you get up to go check and, low-and-behold, you did lock it. With this awesome gadget, you can lock the doors by voice command, right to your Alexa device.

This device can even be programmed to sense your phone comes within proximity and automatically unlocks the door. Or unlock the door for a friend who stopped by early while you were stuck in traffic on the commute home, just give the command through your phone.

Make sure your doors are safely locked with August Smart Lock Pro for $195.49.

Buy from Amazon


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