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Kim's picks for the best pet trackers and GPS collars

Kim's picks for the best pet trackers and GPS collars
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It's the giving season, and you are no doubt on the lookout for some great deals this winter. Don't worry, we have got you covered with some of the best tech deals from Amazon and the Komando Shop.

Today we have picked out several GPS trackers and other tools that can help you keep your pets safe. We all try our best to be responsible and keep track of our pets, but there is always the chance that our companion may find a way out of the yard when we are not around. When that happens, the safety equipment that you buy for your pet can be a life-saver.

Kim's favorite GPS tracker Free Service for a Year

This small GPS tracker is available from the Komando shop and Kim has chosen it for very good reasons. First of all, with this device, there is an entire year of free service included with it. After a year, it is $5 per month.

With this GPS device, you have the option to set up a "virtual fence." If the GPS tracker is registered crossing the boundaries of the "virtual fence" you will be notified via text or email immediately and given the option to locate the GPS tracker through Google Maps or Google Earth.

Pick this up at the Komando shop today for $139.99.

Marco Polo Radio Frequency Tracker

If you hate monthly fees and have a cat or small dog to track, this may be your choice. The Marco Polo system uses radio frequency tracking, so a cellular network connection is not necessary, nor is a monthly fee. The radio frequency is traced to a specific Marco polo tracker that is sold separately from this device.

The radius on this tracker is less than two miles, so it is best for smaller animals that are unlikely to venture very far away. It is ideal for outdoor cats that generally have a roaming radius that is close to that distance.

Check out the Marco Polo tracking option for $116.47.

Buy from Amazon

Make sure cars bikes and pedestrians see your pet at night

When you go out at night, you want to make sure that everyone sees you. Sometimes you wear bright clothing, sometimes an orange vest. Get something for your pet too. Sometimes cars may spot a jogger wearing their bright clothing, but the dog on the leash in front of them can be significantly harder to see. Let's fix that.

With the Squeaker LED Dog Collar, you can make sure your dog is visible, safe and in sight. This LED collar features bright and color changing lighting modes. It is fully chargeable via USB and can hold a charge for over 10 hours.

Make sure your dog is seen for only $44.00.

Buy from Amazon

Best all-in-one GPS and pet activity monitor

The Whistle 3 is the best all-in-one GPS device for your pet. This means that you can follow all of your pets' activities throughout the day, seeing when your pets go to the food bowl, and when they are sleeping.

The device can connect to Wi-Fi as well as GPS to pinpoint your pet's location throughout the day. The tracking functions combine three cellular technologies (Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi) to provide the most accurate tracking in the country. This tracker can pinpoint your pet's location from over 3,000 miles away. The tracking service will run you about $7 per month.

Pick up the best affordable GPS tracker on the market today for $54.99.

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Emergency app for your dog or cat to have just in case

If you care about taking care of your pet you should definitely check out this app. With this pet emergency app made by the Red Cross organization, you can quickly research pet health tips, as well as contact an emergency vet if and when it may ever become necessary.

Check out this extremely helpful Red Cross app here.

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