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Can you spot the latest social media scams?

Can you spot the latest social media scams?
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Scammers are getting smarter and more devious. If you're one of Facebook's 2 billion users, or if you use Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, scammers are getting better at stealing your money.

You're smart enough to not fall victim to many scams. If you're a regular Komando.com reader, you know you should not click on Facebook posts for free airline tickets, fast-food coupons or chat with a U.S. soldier looking for love.

Once you click on these scams, you're often directed to bogus websites that look real. There, they ask for your credit card information. Or you're tricked into sharing personal information with someone you trust.

These days, your gut gives you a warning when you see one of these scams. Unfortunately for your family and you, scammers have a slew of new ways to steal your money. And, while they're still on Facebook, they've expanded to other social networking sites.

Here are five social media scams you must know about. Please share this news with all of your Facebook friends so they're safe, too.

1. Friends Who Spy on You

We've told you that it's pretty easy for hackers to create forged social media accounts. They copy-and-paste photos of people you know and create profiles that match your friend's interests.

These days, scammers are using sites like LinkedIn to keep an eye on your company. Often, they'll use a photo of a former colleague or maybe someone at another company you deal with.

They'll create a profile and watch your colleagues and you. If they gather enough information about something like an upcoming wire transfer, they can launch an email phishing scam to intercept the money.

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