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Special statement on Kaspersky software

Special statement on Kaspersky software

During the year 2016, Kaspersky Lab was an advertiser on The Kim Komando Show.

Kaspersky Lab is a multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus software provider for business, government, and personal use, headquartered in Moscow, Russia, and operated by a holding company in the United Kingdom.

Kaspersky Lab has been long viewed as a world-renowned software company. It first detected highly sophisticated espionage software such as the fabled Stuxnet worm. Many covert government-sponsored and hacker based software attacks were exposed and prevented through the efforts of Kaspersky Lab.

The company also publishes a respected annual “Global IT Security Risks Survey.”

Kaspersky Lab, therefore, appeared to be both a very good product for consumers and businesses and an appropriate advertiser on The Kim Komando Show and the website.

I used Kaspersky Lab software on my personal computer in my home. We used it on our studio computers too.

About one week ago, news agencies such as Reuters, ABC News, The Guardian and others, began circulating reports of, “a long-running FBI probe of the company (Kaspersky), and detailed growing concerns among U.S. officials that Russian spies might try to exploit Kaspersky Lab to snoop on Americans or sabotage key U.S. systems.”

ABC News reported that “congressional sources” claimed the Senate Intelligence Committee was behind the investigation into Kaspersky Lab's relationship with the Russian government.

The ABC News reports said in part that, “the FBI has been investigating whether Kaspersky Lab maintains any troubling relationships with the Russian government, and the U.S. agency has been trying to uncover any possible efforts to collect intelligence on Americans.”

ABC News also reported that in February 2017, the Department of Homeland Security issued a then-secret report on Kaspersky's relationship with the Russian government, which later sparked the FBI investigation into the matter.

Some of the accusations and fears are based on the fact that Eugene Kaspersky, founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, was trained by the KGB and worked as a Soviet intelligence officer.

Magnifying the investigation are numerous accusations that Russia “meddled” in the U.S. presidential election process, and perhaps the recently concluded French presidential elections too.

Kaspersky Lab responded in a statement on its website, saying the report contains "false allegations."

“The company has a 20-year history in the IT security industry of always abiding by the highest ethical business practices, and Kaspersky Lab believes it is completely unacceptable that the company is being unjustly accused without any hard evidence to back up these false allegations.”

The most used version of Kaspersky software is version It has been reported that 98 percent of all installations use this version.

Kaspersky Lab’s contract for advertisements on The Kim Komando Show ended in December 2016 and WestStar MultiMedia Entertainment, Inc., the program’s national distributor, does not anticipate a renewal of an advertising contract with Kaspersky Labs.


There is no evidence that Kaspersky Lab products are dangerous or compromised. However, if there is any reason that you do not trust the publisher of any software installed on your computer, you should remove that software by following the manufacturer’s published removal procedures. Click here to access the support pages at Kaspersky Labs.

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