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The one thing all grocery stores don't want you to know

The one thing all grocery stores don't want you to know
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Have you ever wondered where the food you're eating comes from? When you head to the grocery store, you see aisles and aisles of food in every size and color. But you'd be surprised by what it takes to get each item to the shelf.

Our sponsor, HelloFresh, wanted to share what's really happening behind the scenes at your local grocery store.

Unless you're shopping at a farmer's market, the journey your food will take before it reaches you is really quite alarming.

The truth is that grocers rely on several distributors to supply their products. Some of these distributors are big-brand companies such as Pepsi, Kroger, Welches, Kraft and others. But then there are also the farms, dairies, and growers that participate in this distribution system.

In an ideal world, the food you eat would come straight from the ground (or farm), to the grocer, to you. But that's not how grocers operate in most cases. Instead, the food on the shelves may have traveled from one warehouse to another in a chain of distribution.

Produce, meat, and dairy are particularly tricky, since their shelf life isn't long. Bananas, for example, are picked and shipped while still green, then ripened within a warehouse.

Think your banana came straight from the tree? Think again. The reality is, it was stored in a temperature-controlled room like this one shown below, where grocers can speed up or slow down the ripening process based on consumer demand.


Cheap fillers are another issue you'll find at your local grocer. Food that's laced with preservatives, dyes and sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup are often found in these products.

Do you really want to eat meals made from these types of ingredients?

A better way

If you're looking for the freshest foods to feed your family, you need to know about HelloFresh. Now, they are a sponsor.

HelloFresh is a subscription meal service that partners with local growers and suppliers, and then delivers gourmet meals right to your doorstep.

The big deal is that everything in the box is fresh. It hasn't sat on shelves.


Whether you live alone, are feeding a family or are empty-nesters, HelloFresh has weekly plans designed just for you.

  • Classic Plan, $9.99 per meal
  • Veggie Plan, $9.99 per meal
  • Family Plan, $8.74 per meal

How does HelloFresh work?

You start by signing up with HelloFresh. There are no sign-up fees, or subscription fees up front. Cancel when you want. You're billed weekly based on the plan you've chosen and recipes you've selected. Each week, new recipes are posted to choose from.

Here is an example of a HelloFresh recipe:



After browsing through the available recipes, select which meals you'd like for that week and enter any special requests you have for shipping dates and times.

How does the food arrive?

Your food arrives in a refrigerated box that will stay fresh up until midnight on the day of your delivery. When you receive the box, you can store its contents in your refrigerator, and the food will stay fresh for up to a week.

Nearly all of the ingredients you'll need are included in the box. However, there are a few staples that you'll need to have. Your HelloFresh package will typically not include items that most households keep readily on hand. Some examples include eggs, salt (Kosher or sea salt), pepper, olive oil and vegetable oil.

Specialty spices, and everything else that you need to make your dish taste perfect are included in the box along with a detailed recipe card with prep and cooking instructions.

Special offer for Kim's listeners!

As good as these healthy, fresh recipes sound, there's one thing that can make them even better. As one of Kim's listeners, you'll get $20 off your first order! All you have to do is visit HelloFresh.com/kim to receive this special pricing.

So, which gourmet meal are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments.

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