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Biggest tech wins of 2016

Biggest tech wins of 2016

It wasn't all bad news in 2016, there were big success stories too.

Some new tech products really outshined all the rest, and the biggest winners may surprise you. Did you jump on the bandwagon with these tech trends? And what do they say about our future?

Here are our picks for the biggest tech success stories of 2016:

Alexa and the Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

One of the biggest success stories of 2016 is that of the Amazon Echo. In fact, Amazon boasted that its Alexa-enabled gizmos sold nine times greater than last year's sales making it the best-selling, most gifted item of 2016.

From giving instructions for cocktails, dinner recipes, and cookies, to playing classic Christmas songs and movies, the company said Alexa was a big part of the holiday season for their customers.

With the Echo, the Tap and the Echo Dot's invasion of millions of homes in 2016, it looks like Amazon has widened its lead over its competitors in the smart home assistant wars.

Facebook Live


Love it or hate it, Facebook Live changed the social media landscape forever in 2016.

With this technological marvel, anyone in the world can have a live broadcast session whenever and wherever (with a decent data connection). Usually, these live videos capture moments that are fun or entertaining but due to their unfiltered as-they-happen nature, they can likewise be graphic and controversial.

As a Facebook Live video can reach millions in a matter of minutes, never in history has an ultra-intimate medium been so massively accessible and strangely tangible. Judging by its massive popularity, it's one of the tech world's biggest hits of 2016.



Nintendo made a huge splash in 2016 with three big hits - the Nintendo Classic console, the Super Mario Run game on iOS and as a partner for the massive viral hit game Pokémon Go.

After missteps in the last few years with its Wii U console, Nintendo regained goodwill of both old and new gamers by tugging on nostalgic strings but at the same time, expanding on new platforms.

These gains in 2016 will surely provide Nintendo with the positive momentum it needs for the impending release of its next console, the Nintendo Switch in 2017.

Self-driving cars

self driving car

Self-driving and autonomous car technologies made significant headway in 2016, planting the seeds that can lead to wider acceptance in the years to come.

In 2016, we've seen car makers attempt to answer moral questions raised by autonomous cars. We've also seen a number of self-driving car dry runs by various companies around the world.

A number of car makers including Cadillac, Ford, Audi and, of course, Tesla have unveiled or have already activated their semi-autonomous driving systems.

In 2017, we should expect a growing number of "smarter" cars and technologies hitting the road.

Virtual Reality

Playstation VR

Virtual reality gained more traction in 2016, immersing consumers in computer imagery unlike anything we have seen before.

With Facebook introducing 360-degree photos and videos and its plans for amazing virtual spaces, Google's Cardboard and Daydream VR, plus phone makers priming their own versions of VR headsets, VR is set to take the mainstream crowd to the next level.

With Sony releasing its PlayStation VR headset in 2016, VR has taken the leap and it is now relatively affordable to grace our living rooms.

If the demand for virtual reality gear, software and interactive experiences continue on through 2017, then 2016 can be considered as the start of VR's golden age.

Microsoft Surface PC


Microsoft made a big splash in the latter part of 2016 by releasing the Microsoft Surface all-in-one PC.

It seems like Microsoft out-Apple'd Apple by introducing this beautiful slab of impressive hardware loaded with a refreshing set of interface innovations like its massive but ultra-thin moveable touchscreen and the new input tool, the Surface Dial.

As Apple is having a bit of negative consumer feedback for their new MacBook Pro laptops, there was no better time for Microsoft to steal some of the creative market and tech limelight than 2016.

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