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Which product stole the show this Christmas?

Which product stole the show this Christmas?

Most companies' press releases announce one of a few things: a new product or service, the solution to an issue, or someone new is in charge.

Not Amazon! Today they released a statement just to announce how well their products have been selling over the past few weeks. Apparently, they're having a very lucrative Christmas season.

Although you can buy almost anything on Amazon.com, most people decided to buy an Echo Dot. The company says the voice-controlled device enabled with the digital assistant Alexa was the best-selling, most gifted item this year. This year's sales for the Echo Dot, Amazon Echo, and their accessories were more than nine times greater than last year's sales.

Amazon says all of the devices enabled with Alexa, including the Fire tablet and Fire TV Stick, were best-sellers. Amazon's CEO Worldwide Consumer Jeff Wilke said, "...we’re thrilled that millions of new customers will be introduced to Alexa..."

From giving instructions for cocktails, dinner recipes, and cookies, to playing classic Christmas songs and movies, the company said Alexa was a big part of the holiday season for their customers. And customers used Amazon Prime and Fulfillment by Amazon to ship over 1 billion items.

The press release details the amount of Amazon mobile app users, how much content was streamed from their media library and how many robots and human seasonal employees it took to pull off their best holiday season yet. It even listed some purchasing facts that made comparisons to show the scope of their success. Here's a few of them:

  • Amazon.com customers purchased 10,451 carats of diamonds, which is equal to 6.5 Russian Kokoshnik Tiaras, one of the Queen of England's most famous tiaras.
  • Amazon.com customers purchased enough Wilson footballs this holiday to give every fan at a sold-out Seahawks game a chance to throw a pass like Russell Wilson.
  • Amazon.com customers purchased enough Hamilton: the Revolution collectible books and Hamilton albums to give every patron at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City a copy for 96 consecutive shows.

Did you get an Alexa enabled device for Christmas or did you go with the Google Home instead? If you still can't decide between the two, make sure you read the Amazon Echo vs. Google Home in a virtual standoff article.

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