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7 tech events happening right now you need to know about

7 tech events happening right now you need to know about

It's been a busy week! A lot has been happening in the tech world, and we haven't missed a single beat.

If you've missed a few stories here and there, don't worry. We've got you covered. Here are seven things you need to know about from the world of tech and everything digital.

1. More problems for Yahoo - Another breach exposes 1 billion accounts


Seriously, what in the world is going on at Yahoo? The tech company reported a data breach in September that actually happened in 2014. Yahoo claimed that 500 million users were affected in that attack, but in reality, it could have affected up to 3 billion accounts, making it the largest breach ever reported.

Until now. Yahoo reported late Wednesday that it has been hit with another massive data breach, and this one is bigger than the one reported in September. Over 1 billion Yahoo user accounts were hacked back in 2013. That's almost every Yahoo customer worldwide. Simply unacceptable!

This is the second massive breach reported by Yahoo in the last few months. We just can't advocate keeping your Yahoo account at this point. It just seems too risky with all of the company's security problems. 

With that said, click here to read the full story and learn how to close your Yahoo account >>

2. iOS 10.2 is here and it fixes bugs and comes with more emojis!


iOS 10 was released in September when the iPhone 7 launched. With that update, we were finally able to delete unwanted stock Apple apps. Then iOS 10.1 was released in late October. It came with a new camera effect and an update to the "Maps" app.

Now iOS 10.2 is here and you're going to love the new emojis. These emojis were created and added to the Unicode Consortium at the beginning of the year. They're finally available to use in the keyboards on our smartphones and tablets.

As expected, there are more emojis to represent different professions, which can be customized by gender and race. Twelve different issues with apps or phone features have also been corrected. For instance, people were able to do some maneuvering to trick a locked phone into giving access photos and phone contacts. With the update, locked phones will have fewer options.

Click here to read the full story and learn how to update to the latest iOS version >>

3. 7 critical Microsoft and Adobe threats to fix


You might already know by now that Microsoft issues a set of cumulative updates once a month. This day, which usually falls on the second Tuesday of each month. The most recent patch repairs six critical bugs, and Adobe's patch fixes one bug that hackers are already exploiting. 

If you missed this story, you need to catch up on these updates immediately so that your PC isn't vulnerable. 

Click here to read the full story >>

4. Microsoft Translator app released!


Microsoft has made a fantastic update to its Translator app. It's now possible to translate in-person conversations in real-time.

The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows gadgets and can be found in each of the app stores as well as on Amazon, and it translates over 60 languages!

Click here to read the full story (you need this app before your next vacation!) >>

5. Fake celebrity photos spreading malware on Facebook


Posts are popping up in Facebook News Feeds that promise nude photos or sex tapes of Hollywood's hottest actors. Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Brook and Nicki Minaj, just to name a handful.

If you accidentally click on these posts, you'll be led down a path that will infect your computer, tablet or smartphone with malware. Click here to learn the warning signs of these fake Facebook posts and how to avoid them >>

6. Apple AirPods have finally been released


Back in October, Apple's wireless solution to the "no headphone jack" for the iPhone 7 has been indefinitely pushed back. Much to the chagrin of Apple faithfuls who were highly anticipating the product, there was no real official reason given for the delay.

Our best guess for the delay back then were final hardware and software compatibility bugs that Apple engineers had to work out before they can start selling the final mass-release product.

And now, finally, the bugs may have been squashed. Apple AirPods were released on Tuesday and are now available for purchase. Just in time for Christmas! 

Click here to read the full story and discover where you can buy them >>

7. Security flaw found in Netgear routers


A vulnerability has been discovered in certain Netgear routers that allows unauthenticated webpages to pass from input directly to the command-line interface. It would allow a remote hacker to inject arbitrary commands, which would then be executed by the system. It's being referred to as security issue #582384.

Basically, if you are using one of these vulnerable routers, a hacker can almost take total control of your gadget. Scary!

Click here to read the full story and see which models are affected >>

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