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New Facebook feature you'll absolutely love

Facebook has more users than any other social media app and it remains the overall most popular. But Snapchat is gaining more and more popularity among teens and young adults. Facebook's pursuit to remain on top is quite evident, as it copies all of Snapchat's features.

Facebook added a camera to its app that lets you update your status with a new photo/video or broadcast live video to all your Facebook friends. In late October, we found out that filters would be added to Facebook Live. And we saw a few festive selfie masks around Halloween time. These are all features that Snapchat already had.

Snapchat started the trend of adding graphics to photos and videos. Some of them, like the speed filter or the altitude filter, can be used wherever you are. But the geo-filters are specific to a certain location. Since the Kim Komando Show is filmed in Phoenix, Arizona, Kim can pick from several Phoenix geo-filters to decorate her photo.


Snapchat does allow you to create and submit filters but if you want it to promote an event or business then you need to pay Snapchat to host it. Prices depend on how large of an area it covers and how long it's available.

Soon, Facebook's new Camera Effects Platform will allow anyone to add frames (filters) to their Facebook photos. Since all Facebook features are free to use, presumably this one will be free also. Unfortunately, the U.S. will not be the first country to experience the new feature. It will launch in the U.K., Mexico, Taiwan, Colombia and Ireland.

You'll use your own design program to create a frame, then upload it to Facebook and wait for it to be approved. It must fit their design guidelines and it can't violate Facebook's policies and community standards. They can remove frames that have illegal or offensive messages.



Just like Snapchat, you'll be able to create frames for a specific location or for a special event. People who run business pages will be able to create frames to promote their products and services. If this service is free to use, it may help Facebook maintain an edge over Snapchat.


If this takes off, images on your newsfeed may become more decorative and customized. Are you excited for the change or is it something you could do without? Let me know in the comments section below.

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