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Phone numbers are changing in a big way

Phone numbers are changing in a big way
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We're always letting you know about the latest innovations in technology. There have been some amazing advancements over the past couple decades: smartphones, self-driving vehicles and smart home appliances just to name a few.

One thing that has pretty much stayed the same over the years is the standard telephone number. That is about to change.

T-Mobile is launching a new service called DIGITS. It allows the telecommunications company to use its IP Media Subsystem (IMS) to direct phone calls to any internet-connected gadget, not just the phone the number is assigned to.

Meaning, you don't have to have your phone by your side to receive a call. You can be out for a jog and get an incoming call on your smartwatch. The possibilities are exciting!

It's similar to Google Voice, but more advanced.

You can also store multiple phone numbers on one phone. This is great for people who need a personal number as well as a business number. Now you will be able to have both without the need to own two phones.

With DIGITS, your T-Mobile number will work on all of your connected gadgets including tablets, computers, smartwatches and yes, even the standard phone.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere said, "Phones today are nothing like they were just a decade ago, but the phone number has basically stayed the same forever. It's time to shake things up! DIGITS works just like your T-Mobile phone number, except it is way more powerful. DIGITS works across virtually all your devices, and those devices can have multiple numbers on them. And this is my favorite part: you can even use DIGITS on Verizon, AT&T and other smartphones!"

It's true, DIGITS will work on iOS gadgets, but it was designed for Android. In fact, T-Mobile is working with Android manufacturers like Samsung to have DIGITS built right into the phone. Initially, users will have to download the DIGITS app from Apple's App Store and Google Play as well as browsers on Mac computers and PCs.

Watch this video to see a quick overview on how DIGITS works:

There is a catch

As you might expect, there is a caveat with DIGITS. It's currently in the beta testing period and is able to be used for free. However, once the beta period is over, there will be a monthly fee and T-Mobile isn't saying how much it will cost as of yet. It should only be a few dollars per month, but that's just speculation.

Hopefully, the fee will be minimal, making this a great feature for everyone. Android users and business people needing secondary phone numbers should really be excited about this. We'll have to wait and see the final details once beta is completed.

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