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Audi unveils smart tool that will help you spend less time in traffic

A few months ago, we reported on this new cutting-edge technology that can make cars "talk" to traffic lights. This new smart-car traffic information system could help reduce the number of car accidents, reduce traffic jams and even alleviate driver stress.

Now, this awesome new smart car technology is finally ready for prime time!

Audi is unveiling its Traffic Light Information (TLI) system in Las Vegas this week. This system will enable cars equipped with the technology to communicate with traffic lights and tell the driver how long it will be until a red light turns green. It can also warn drivers if they are not going to make a red light.

The TLI system will relay the traffic light data to the driver via a new "Traffic Sign" section, which incorporates a virtual traffic light indicator and a countdown timer on the car's digital dashboard display.

Traffic data communication between the vehicle and a centralized traffic management network will be using Audi's vehicle-to-infrastructure (V21) system beamed in through 4G LTE cellular signals.

Audi sees the V2I system as their first step toward autonomous driving.

"For the first time, our cars are exchanging data with traffic infrastructure in real time. Drivers can adapt their behavior to the situation and move through city traffic in a much more relaxed and controlled way," stated Andreas Reich, head of Electronics Pre-Development at AUDI AG in a press statement. "We increase energy efficiency when we connect our Audi models to smart cities.

"Further V2I services will follow, making the car into an interactive mobile device," Reich continued. "We see autonomous driving as the end of this development."

The TLI and V2I systems will start gracing Audi production car models in 2017 and will be offered through a paid subscription service. The choice of Las Vegas as the initial testing ground for the system is no fluke.

According to Audi and the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, the city was picked because of its large-scale centralized traffic management system.

Dubbed as the Freeway and Arterial System of Transportation (FAST), Las Vegas' traffic management system collects data and controls about 1,300 traffic lights around the city.

Audi is planning on expanding to other U.S. cities with similar traffic management systems soon, including Los Angeles.

Are you excited about Audi's new smart traffic light management system? Let us know your thoughts and drop us a comment below!

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