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Tech turns the tables on unsuspecting car thief

Tech turns the tables on unsuspecting car thief
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According to the FBI, a car is stolen in America every 45 seconds! And only 39 percent of those stolen vehicles are recovered.

Most of these cars were manufactured in the 90s; newer cars are harder to steal because of all the security features. One thief in Seattle found that out the hard way.

A 38-year-old man found an unlocked BMW 550i with the keys inside. He drove it to another location and then fell asleep inside with the engine running. It may have seemed like a simple crime but the car actually foiled his escape. After it was reported stolen, the police contacted BMW and employees were able to lock the doors remotely, trapping the thief inside!

The employees were also able to give the Seattle Police Department the vehicle's current location. When the thief realized he'd been caught, he tried to drive away but the car was shut down and wouldn't operate. The only thing that could have made their job easier is if the car had been automated! Imagine a driverless car transporting back to the thief to the police station!

The police department found the whole situation so comical that they tweet about it. Twice! The first tweet included a GIF about catching the thief inside, and the second tweet compared the BMW to KITT from Knight Rider.

This isn't the first time a car thief was outsmarted by a high-tech car. Tesla owners Cary and Katya Pinkowski had a similar experience last November. You won't believe how they caught the thief red-handed. Click here to read the full story.

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