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Another Samsung smartphone exploding

Another Samsung smartphone exploding
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He thought he was going to die.

A man in Sterling Heights, Michigan had a horrifying ordeal on Wednesday night after he claims his Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone exploded on his nightstand while he was sleeping.

WXYZ Detroit reports that Bayar Karim's smartphone was not even plugged in and was face up before it spontaneously burst into flames.

Karim then showed WXYZ the aftermath of the "explosion" - a burned nightstand and holes in his bedsheet and shirt, claimed to be caused by the exploding smartphone's battery acid.

While the firefighters responded to extinguish the flames, Karim had to go to the hospital for seven hours for alleged breathing difficulties and hearing loss from the loud explosion.

"I thought I was going to die," Karim told WXYZ, "Because of the fire and because of the acid."

He then showed the WXYZ Action News team the damaged nightstand and the holes burned through his clothing and bedsheet.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4, released in 2014, is the predecessor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the smartphone that was recalled and discontinued this year due to overheating batteries and was subsequently banned from commercial flights by the Federal Aviation Authority and the Department of Transportation.

There are no widespread reports of Note 4 explosions nor overheating battery issues prior to this recent claim of Karim and the cause of this flame-out is still unknown.

Beyond the incident, Karim told WXYZ that he is still deciding what his next move will be.

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