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Why you'll love Google's new Quick, Draw game

Why you'll love Google's new Quick, Draw game

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer confined to the science fiction world. Movies like "The Terminator" portrayed AI as terrifying, claiming Skynet would become self-aware and destroy the earth by launching an all-out nuclear attack. Creepy!

In reality, AI is an exciting piece of technology and has a bright future. Google has entered the world of Artificial Intelligence and has a new tool that you're going to have fun playing with.

Google's "Quick, Draw" gives you the chance to experience AI in action.

How Quick, Draw works

Quick, Draw is a tool that tells you what to draw and you have 20 seconds to finish it. It'll ask you to draw simple things like a cat, or a bicycle, or truck. Once you have completed your sketch, the tool tries to guess what your drawing is.

Watch this video to see how it works:

Google describes the tool as an artificial neural network that learns to recognize doodles. The more that people play with it, the more the tool learns.

Quick, Draw isn't always successful at figuring out what is being drawn. It helps if you are a little artistic. However, it's designed to learn and eventually will be able to distinguish even the hard-to-tell drawings.

Click here if you want to give Quick, Draw a try.

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