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Wow! New hands-free way to send text messages

Wow! New hands-free way to send text messages
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Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa, is super handy. If you have an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, you already know how helpful Alexa really is. Click here if you want to find out more about the Echo Dot.

These gadgets give you hands-free convenience with voice-control, answer questions, read audiobooks and news, and provide sports scores, just to name a few popular features. Now, Alexa is adding another skill that you are just going to love.

AT&T has announced it is launching a skill on Alexa-enabled gadgets that will allow its customers to send text messages by simply talking. (Skills are voice-driven functions available on Alexa enabled gadgets). The Send Message skill is available to AT&T customers immediately.

This new function will allow you to continue doing laundry, washing dishes, or any other household activity while having a conversation through texts. What a great time saver!

AT&T is the first carrier to have this type of skill on Alexa-enabled gadgets. This could signify a major deal between Amazon and the telecommunications company since the Echo and Echo Dot can both be purchased now through AT&T's website and retail stores.


The whole Echo line was designed by Amazon to become your smart home hub. With Alexa, the company offers a multitude of voice-activated functions such as smart appliance control, music playback, news reporting and web searching. Amazon is constantly updating the Echo line with new features and skills.

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