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3 hard-to-find gadgets for the holidays

3 hard-to-find gadgets for the holidays

What's your plan for scoring all the gifts on your list this year? Will you be camping out in line at store entrances or paying someone to wait in line for you? Or do shop online from multiple devices and refresh the page over and over to get the best online deals?

Although those methods are tried and true, you may need to get more creative to get your hands on these three gifts. Hype and scarcity have made them the hardest gadgets to find this holiday season.



Snapchat, an app where you share messages, pictures and video that disappears after 24 hours, is one the most popular apps among teens and young adults. When Snapchat's parent company announced Spectacles, I knew it would be popular among millennials too. These sunglasses record video that you can wirelessly upload to your phone to edit and share on Snapchat later.

The problem with trying to buy them is that there's no store, online or otherwise. They're being sold for $130 from Snapbots, which are vending machines that have been placed in Los Angeles and Tulsa, Oklahoma so far. It's a secret where the next one will appear but you can watch the countdown clock here.

NES Classic Edition


If you were raised in the 1980s then you probably grew up playing Super Mario Bros. on your Nintendo. A blast from the past, the NES Classic Edition is a miniaturized version of the vintage gaming console. But instead of putting game cartridges in slots, the replica is a computer loaded with 30 classic games that you can hook up to your TV.

You can buy it online from retailers like Walmart and Best Buy for $60. If it's out of stock when you search for it, try signing up for an email alert system that lets you know when it's available again.

Air Pods


There were so many rumors swirling around about the changes we'd see on the iPhone 7. The biggest rumor that came true was the removal of the headphone jack, which was replaced with AirPods (wireless earbuds).

Although they were announced (at a price of $159) at the massive Apple launch event back in September, you still can't buy them yet. No official release date has been set either. To be the first to know when they'll be available, I would suggest keeping an eye on Apple's newsroom page or following them on social media.

Hopefully you won't have to resort to any drastic measures to get everything on your list. But whatever you do, stay clear of eBay! I recently saw Spectacles and NES Classic Editions being sold in the range of three times the price to tens of thousands of dollars.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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