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Accidental text leads to Thanksgiving surprise

Accidental text leads to Thanksgiving surprise
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The holiday season usually brings out the best in people. You can just feel a sense of joy in the air.

Much of the holiday spirit comes from spending time with loved ones. Some of my most cherished memories are of those tremendous Thanksgiving Day feasts shared with my family at Grandma's house. That's why I just love this heartwarming story of an accidental text message with a surprising ending.

An Arizona grandmother sent a text to her family members, inviting them to Thanksgiving dinner at her place. It turns out that one of the phone numbers she sent the message to belonged to a stranger.

Seventeen-year-old Jamal Hinton told "People" that he received the text and it said it was from grandma, but he thought, "when did my grandma learn to text?" Hinton asked her for a picture and said, "it definitely was not my grandma."

The grandmother, her name is Wanda, said the text was meant to go to her 24-year-old grandson, Brandon, who recently changed his phone number, which led to this mix-up.

After realizing he received the text by mistake, as a joke, Hinton asked, "Can I still get a plate tho?" Keeping the holiday spirit alive Wanda replied, "Of course you can. That's what grandma's do....feed everyone."

Hinton said he was shocked at the response and it reminded him that there are still good people in the world. He also said he's taking her up on the offer and will be joining her and her family for Thanksgiving dinner.

The two decided they couldn't wait to meet up and got together already. Hinton said they have created a great bond and both of their families will have Thanksgiving dinner together.

The text messaging exchange was posted on Twitter:

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