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Apple rumors: Is the iPhone 8 getting a size boost?

Apple rumors: Is the iPhone 8 getting a size boost?

The iPhone 7 just hit shelves back in September, but people are already excited about the iPhone 8. In fact, there are rumors that Apple may even skip the iPhone 8 and go straight to the iPhone 10 instead. This is because 2017 marks the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone. But, since we don't have a crystal ball, we'll just have to wait and see.

Sometimes, however, we do get a glimpse into what Apple is planning. It happens when leaks hit the web of photos or videos or blueprints from one of the companies Apple is working with to help produce its upcoming product.

In this case, two concept drawings have surfaced that indicate Apple may be planning a larger screen for the iPhone 8; however, the actual size of the phone won't be increasing.


Currently, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have 4.7- inch and 5.5-inch screens, respectively, but the iPhone 8 is expected to have 5-inch and 5.8-inch models. To achieve this, Apple is believed to be planning a curved edge and a screen that essentially wraps around the sides.

The larger 5.8-inch model is also expected to include OLED display technology, which provides sharper images and is more efficient than LCD.

If news of the curved screen isn't enough to excite you, there's something else that will. A company called Foxconn Technology Group is already making wireless charging modules for the next iPhone.

A patent was filed late last year, but has now been made public. The patent wasn't too specific about what the gadget would do, other than calling the device an "inductive charging station."


Whatever Apple has planned for the 2017 iPhone, it looks like it's going to be big. So if you're thinking about purchasing a new iPhone 7 for Christmas, you may want to reconsider. Click here for three more things you should never buy for Christmas.

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