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This cupboard problem is puzzling the internet

This cupboard problem is puzzling the internet
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The internet has a great wealth of knowledge. You can learn many things such as how to speak a foreign language or how to rebuild a car's engine. You can find help online for pretty much anything, from the simplest of tasks to the most difficult of challenges.

Sometimes, the online community is your best bet to help you out of a sticky situation. Check out this woman's dilemma that is stumping the internet.

It all began when a picture was posted on a Taiwan-based Facebook page. The picture shows a cupboard with a stack of porcelain bowls falling off the shelf and pressed against the glass door.

The man who posted the photo wrote, "a cupboard that can never be opened."


The internet started buzzing with suggestions of how to open the cupboard without breaking the dishes. As you would probably expect, those suggestions ranged from creative to downright silly.

Many of the ideas included putting things on the floor like mattresses, blankets or quilts to cushion the bowl's fall. Other ideas were more logical, like cutting a hole in the glass and gently moving the dishes back to a safe position.

My favorite suggestions were the really goofy ones. One person wrote, "Take the cupboard into space, or flood whole room with water, then open the door and the plates will just float out." Another person suggested selling the cupboard to a museum to have it displayed.

In the end, the person who posted the picture told the "Daily Mail" that his friend had solved the problem. "She opened one door slightly and used her hand to hold the plates, then she pushed the door further."

Crisis averted.

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