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Private web browsing just got easier

Private web browsing just got easier

A new mobile browser has graced the iPhone and it was designed solely for the protection of your privacy.

In this age of personalized ads and online user profiling, we are understandably concerned about the digital tracks we are leaving behind. This cross-platform, cross-device tracking seems to follow us everywhere and it always feels like somebody's watching you.

For those times when web anonymity is your primary priority, Mozilla's free Firefox Focus app for iOS is now available for download.

Mozilla's latest take on anonymous mobile web browsing blocks all advertising, analytics and social trackers by default. It also erases all passwords and browsing history after each session.

Firefox Focus 1

The app is as basic as can be. Upon opening the browser, users are greeted by a single search bar for entering queries or web addresses. On the top-right corner is a single settings icon for customizing your tracking block options.

The app doesn't have multiple tabs, no bookmarking options, no history. The streamlined bottom toolbar only has the basic navigation buttons - back, forward, refresh/stop and an "open in another browser" option for those occasional sites that won't work without tracking.

"When you occasionally see a site that doesn’t work because it is dependent on tracking, and if you don’t mind that kind of tracking," said Mozilla on their official Firefox Focus blog post. "Firefox Focus makes it easy to open your current site in either Firefox or Safari."

Firefox Focus 2

The top bar merely shows the current address and a prominent "Erase" button that will supposedly clear out your current session.

Mozilla also claims that Firefox Focus will be speedier than a regular browser.

"Much of what makes mobile web pages slow is the technology used to track users on the web. Because Firefox Focus blocks these trackers, it is likely you’ll notice a performance boost on the many sites that track your behavior," added Mozilla.

For now, Firefox Focus is limited to Yahoo as its default search engine and it's unlikely this is going to change soon since Yahoo pays Mozilla $375 million a year to be Firefox's default search provider.

There's also no word on an Android version of the app or when it will be available.

You can download Firefox Focus now from the Apple App Store.

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