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Looking for a job? Facebook can help

Looking for a job? Facebook can help

When it comes to job hunting, Facebook is normally a deterrent. Everyone knows that potential employers look through profiles. As an applicant, you hope nothing on your page keeps you from getting hired.

But there's a feature in the works that could help Facebook users find employment. If it takes off, it has the potential to become a major rival to LinkedIn.

Facebook is working on a "Jobs" tab for pages run by businesses. The social media site has noticed that small businesses already post job vacancies so now they're creating a way to streamline the process.

Soon, companies will be able to create customized job postings with details like the position title, salary, and employment type ( i.e. part time or full time). The post will appear on the page's wall and in the news feeds of people who like the page.

Businesses already pay for product exposure to hit a target audience, and they will be able to do the same thing with these job posts. Information listed on your profile (such as your past employment, education level, and interests) could put you into their preferred applicant pool. They would pay Facebook to make sure their job posts show up in your news feed.

The "Jobs" tab would benefit job seekers too because that's where they would find a list of open positions. If they see a job post in their news feed, they can click an "Apply Now" button and it will pull up an application. Filling out numerous applications will be quick and easy because the forms will already be filled in with information from their Facebook profile. The applications get submitted directly to the "Messages" section of the company's page.

As you can see, Facebook really pays attention to its audience's behavior to create services they may want. When people created Facebook groups to sell items locally, Facebook created Marketplace (which rivals Craigslist). When people wanted to sell tickets to their events, Facebook created the Events app (which rivals Eventbrite). And now the "Jobs" tab could give LinkedIn a run for its money, especially since Facebook's user base is over three times as large.

If you're an employer, would you want to use Facebook to promote open positions? If you're looking for a job, would you want to apply through Facebook? Let us know in the comments section below.

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