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Apple explains why it killed popular MacBook Pro feature

Apple explains why it killed popular MacBook Pro feature
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After waiting nearly four long years, Apple's MacBook Pro recently got a much-needed update. The tech giant announced upgrades to the MacBook Pro in conjunction with the 25th Anniversary of its first notebook, which was released October 25, 1991.

Some of the new features include a TouchBar, TouchID and the replacement of traditional USB ports with Thunderbolt 3 ports. One change that has some Apple fans up-in-arms was the elimination of the SD card slot.

Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller told the "Independent" why the company did away with the SD card slot. One reason he gave is that it was a "bit of a cumbersome slot." What he's talking about is the fact that the SD card sticks out of the side of the laptop.

Schiller then explained that these slots are not really necessary these days. This is because most newer cameras come with wireless transfers built-in. This eliminates the need to plug an SD card into your laptop.

Schiller also said that high-end camera owners use CompactFlash or SQD cards instead of SD cards most of the time. This forces them to buy an external reader.

Some people are very unhappy about losing the SD card slot. Even though many of the newer cameras have Wi-Fi, that's not always the case. Also, having an SD card sticking out of your laptop doesn't seem like a problem to most users.

Schiller also explained the lack of voice activation for Siri. He said the main reason is that current Macs are not equipped for voice activation while the computer is asleep. It could be something the company would change on future models.

Even with people voicing their disappointment with some of these changes, Schiller says Apple has received more orders for the new MacBook Pro than "any pro notebook before." Obviously, Apple has millions of fans that are willing to move forward with its innovations. That, along with the overdue update to the MacBook Pro seems to be a winning combination.

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