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Hybrid backups are the new best thing

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Hybrid backups are the new best thing

Q: Dear Kim, if I were to lose my hard drive, how long would it take to get the data back from Carbonite? I'm worried about not having access to my files. I run a small business and being without my records would be detrimental to my bottom-line. -- C.D. in California

A: I'm really glad that you asked because this is an important consideration for any small business. I know. I own one too. Data is our lifeline to our clients and revenues.

Hold on! Now, you can have a cloud backup and a local backup. Both are saving your files simultaneously. Both are your protection against accidents, fire, theft and disasters. Consider how much money and time you would lose if you suddenly lost every single file. It's frightening, isn't it?

Thanks to the advancements in technology, if something happens, you can restore from your local backup in an instant. And if the local backup fails, no worries. You also have a backup safe in the cloud.

My sponsor Carbonite just released an innovative solution that does both. You're going to LOVE this! It's called EVault. Keep reading to learn more about it but if you prefer, click here to head over to Carbonite's site to get info.

Carbonite's new hybrid backup

If you're worried about using Carbonite because you're afraid it might take too long to get your data back, Carbonite's new product is the best of both worlds. It's real-time storage, plus instant recovery.

To keep your data safe, Carbonite is introducing its new powerful hybrid backup system, the E2. This system will protect the entire data footprint of your organization or home network, both on-site and in the cloud.

It includes everything you need. It's hardware, software and a full year of backups in the cloud. Protect tons of data, 500GB to 1TB.

Hybrid backup gives you the speed of local recovery for critical applications and data, along with the added protection of cloud backups for disaster recovery scenarios. This means you are able to access data quickly, reliably and securely.

How it works

You install EVault software on each computer that needs to be protected. One subscription covers unlimited devices.

  • Software agents send the data to an on-site backup device that is provided by Carbonite.
  • The device is small and fits easily on a desk or cabinet with no complicated racks or installation required.
  • Simultaneously, the device sends data to the secure EVault cloud for added protection.

The E2 backup device keeps your most recent backups on-site for quick recovery, while the cloud contains all of your data, including a full year of backups for on-site disruptions, such as power failure or regional disaster. This gives you multiple recovery options to choose from, including the ability to return to a specific point in time prior to a disruption.

Carbonite's secure, web-based portal is accessible from anywhere in the world and makes it easy to configure and monitor all backups from one central location. With just a few clicks, you can recover individual files, folders or an entire system with no hassles.

EVault works with over 200 OS versions, applications and platforms, including the leading virtual platforms, Hyper-V and VMWare. With end-to-end encryption, including 256-bit private key encryption and TLS/SSL transport security, your data remains confidential at every stage in the process.

Everything is included

With E2, the hardware, software and cloud retention are all included in the subscription price. Carbonite handles any necessary updates. E2's "protected footprint" pricing is based on the total amount of data you need for security. You never have to worry about how many copies of your data you should have or how much cloud storage you need. Your cloud backups for a full year are already priced into the subscription.

This is just one of the many reasons Carbonite is an essential tool to protect your personal and business records. To see the E2 in action, fill out the form on Carbonite's website and be sure to use promo code KIM!

If you aren't using Carbonite, you really should be. You'll love the convenience and protection it offers. You'll never have to worry about losing an important file again.

Not convinced? You can try Carbonite risk-free for 15 days. And when you decide to buy, you'll get two free months of extra service. Click here and save up to 30 percent and get two bonus months of service FREE! Use promo code KIM at checkout.

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