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Microsoft Windows 10 event: What to expect tomorrow

Microsoft Windows 10 event: What to expect tomorrow

Microsoft is gearing up for its big launch event tomorrow, October 26 in New York City. The tech giant is expected to present the roadmap for its Windows 10 software, Xbox and HoloLens platform, and the general public might finally get a glimpse of a slew of new hardware products including the rumored Surface all-in-one PC and a smart home hub similar to the Amazon Echo.

The event will commence at 10 a.m. EST/ 7 a.m. PST so if you're just as excited as we are for what Microsoft has in store for us, mark your calendars, sleep tight and rise early - tomorrow will be a big red-letter day.

Here are all the announcements we are expecting to see:

New Surface All-In-One PC

The past few weeks, we've been advising our readers to hold off buying a new PC or laptop, and it's for a good reason.

Apple is set to announce new MacBooks and iMacs on October 27 (goodbye, USB port?) and Microsoft is expected to unveil its new Surface all-in-one PC tomorrow.

Surface All-In-One

Details about this new PC line are still scant but rumors suggest that it is a "reimagining of the desktop computer" and design-wise, it will be positioned as an elegantly streamlined living room computer that can rival Apple's iMac line of all-in-one desktops.

Other rumors suggest it features a large detachable, or at least, movable screen, that can lay flat on a desk as a table tablet or lifted off to be used as a (very large) touchscreen handheld.

The new Surface all-in-one PC may also ship with Intel's new Kaby Lake processors and will be available in 21, 24 or 27-inch variants.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is set to receive two major updates in 2017 with the first one, codenamed Redstone 2, expected to drop in March.

Microsoft will certainly reveal the new features that this new update will bring including smart home integration with HomeHub, gesture support on trackpads, improved Cortana, a People Bar and a blue-light reduction mode similar to F.lux or Apple's Night Shift on iOS.


We are not expecting big announcements for Xbox, Microsoft's gaming platform, but we might hear about Xbox-Windows 10 cross-platform gaming integration and the upgraded Xbox console, Project Scorpio.


Mainstream plans for the augmented reality headset HoloLens could be on the menu. HoloLens support is set to roll out soon to Windows 10 with the Windows Holographic shell so we will surely hear more about this tomorrow.

Extended demos of Microsoft's augmented reality platform to prove its value in the computing world are expected.

3D Paint

We've seen previews of the 3D overhaul of Microsoft's iconic Paint software and we're expecting to hear more about its new features and tools in tomorrow's event.

The new version of Microsoft Paint is said to focus on 3D object creation and will feature expanded stylus and touch-enabled features.


Another big rumor suggests that Microsoft will unveil its own Cortana-powered Amazon Echo competitor. Similar to Alexa, this new voice-activated speaker will have the ability to answer questions and control smart appliances.

To watch Microsoft's big event as it happens, make sure to tune in to the official livestream tomorrow.

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