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iPhone 7 catches fire, destroys vehicle

iPhone 7 catches fire, destroys vehicle

Samsung has been having a very rough past few months; we've been reporting on the Galaxy Note 7 phones catching on fire since early September. Over two million phones were recalled, the Federal Aviation Authority banned them from flights, and mobile service providers are refusing to replace them with new Note 7 smartphones.

As a result, Samsung's stock has plummeted. All this chaos seemed like good news for Apple, especially since it was occurring around the time of the iPhone 7 launch. But if people who use the iPhone 7 start experiencing the same issues then who knows what could happen to the cellphone industry.

Mat Jones, an Austrailian surf instructor, left his iPhone 7 underneath some clothes inside his car. After a surf lesson, he came back to his vehicle and there was smoke everywhere.  A pair of pants were on fire and his melting iPhone was wrapped inside them.

Mat holding up his charred phone

Mat is ok but, unfortunately, his car and his phone were ruined. He had just purchased the phone a week ago and he'd only used an Apple charger. (It's important to use the correct charger, Apple is in a lawsuit right now because a third party is selling faulty charges that could cause phones to catch fire.)

The phone cause so much damage that Mat can no longer drive the vehicle

Apple has yet to release a response or explanation. However, the company said it is aware of the incident and is investigating the issue.

We have written about other iPhones catching on fire recently. A student in New Jersey's iPhone 6 caught on fire while she was in class and someone posted photos of an exploded iPhone 7 on Reddit. The good news for Apple is that this doesn't seem to be a reoccurring problem and there's no mass hysteria yet.

The cause is most likely a faulty battery, but we won't know for sure until Apple releases a report. Click here for the science behind exploding batteries and tips for preventing it from happening to you.

Click here for the news video that shows the interior of the car.

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