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What’s fake on the internet: election edition

What’s fake on the internet: election edition
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The 2016 presidential election cycle feels like it has been going on forever. Don't worry though, Election Day is almost here. People will head to the polls on Tuesday, November 8.

During the run-up to Election Day, you may have read some pretty outrageous news. Fortunately, many of those crazy news items were just hoaxes.

Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between what news is real and what is a hoax. Especially during a political cycle when so many jokesters are online trying to pull one over on others.

In an effort to help clarify what's real and what's fake, the "Washington Post" put together a list of fake news that's been circulating online. Here are some of the stories that have been making the internet buzz:

Internet hoaxes

  • Absentee ballots for Donald Trump being ripped up by postal workers - @Randygdub posted on Twitter that she works for a post office in Ohio and was ripping up absentee ballots that contain votes for Donald Trump. The tweet started circulating and people were very upset over it. Bloggers wrote about it and it even made its way onto some national political shows. It was taken so seriously that the USPS investigated the situation and released a statement saying that the post was not made by a postal worker.

  • #Repealthe19th - This was a topic trending on Twitter. The hashtag implied that supporters of Donald Trump want to repeal the 19th amendment, which would ban women from voting in the U.S. This all came about when polls showed that Donald Trump would win the election over Hillary Clinton if only men voted. Some people actually believe that Trump supporters were advancing this topic. It turns out that it was only another case of internet trolls trying to get the ire from others.
  • Dalai Lama says Donald Trump is worse than Hitler - This hoax actually made the rounds on Facebook. It started when a blog post on the site ReligousMind.com claimed the Dalai Lama said he sees another Hitler in the making when asked about Donald Trump. This never happened. Still, many people were quite upset when reading the fake news.
  •  Clinton Foundation paying for good polling numbers - A fake invoice was posted on Twitter showing the Clinton Foundation making some questionable payments. On the invoice were payments to A.C.O.R.N, Glenn Beck and Public Policy Polling (PPP), among others. The fake PPP payment really got traction. The Clinton campaign supposedly complained to PPP because they weren't seeing a big enough lead in its polls for the money they were paying them. Donald Trump Jr. even fell for it and retweeted the post. He later deleted it from his Twitter account.

These are just a few examples of fake internet news that has gotten under the skin of many people this election cycle. Just remember, not everything that you read online is real.

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