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Apple makes this iPhone 'obsolete' by November

Apple makes this iPhone 'obsolete' by November
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I'm sure by now you know Apple put out its latest version of the iPhone in September. The iPhone 7 came with some major design changes, for example, there is no more headphone jack and the 7 Plus model has a dual-lens camera. Speaking of the headphone jack, don't be fooled by this iPhone 7 trick.

It's exciting when gadgets are updated with shinier, more advanced technology. However, there can be a downside. If you are using this older iPhone, it is about to become obsolete.

You might not be aware that Apple has both vintage and obsolete lists for its iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac products. Vintage products are those that stopped being manufactured between five and seven years ago. Obsolete products were discontinued more than seven years ago.

Owners of these products may obtain parts and service from Apple or Apple service providers for five years after the product stops being manufactured. The only exception is in California and Turkey. Laws in those places require these products to be supported for seven years.

Once a product makes the obsolete list, Apple stops supporting them. The popular iPhone 4 will be added to the obsolete list in November. This means the gadget will no longer receive security and software updates. You can still use the phone, but without security updates, you're taking a risk.

Another Apple product said to be making the obsolete list is the 13-inch Macbook Air laptop from 2010. Apple is expected to hold another launch event at the end of October where it announces updates to its Mac lineup. Click here to find out what features might be coming to the new Apple laptops.

You can find the complete current list of vintage and obsolete Apple products here.

If you do own one of the gadgets on the obsolete list, it might be time to start thinking about an upgrade. Here is a breakdown of the iPhone 7 and some other Apple products discussed at its September launch event.

2017 is the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone and we are expecting some great new features to celebrate the momentous event. If you're thinking about waiting to get the 10-year anniversary model, here are some iPhone 8 rumors that might help you decide.

We will keep you updated on any changes made to the Apple obsolete list. Keep checking in on our Happening Now section for all the latest updates and breaking tech news.

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